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This original abstract humming bird painting portrays real beauty anywhere.

18 Nov 13


Humming birds are magnificent. They are unique with all vivid colors. They make a beautiful humming sound when they fly drinking the nectar from flowers so gracefully. Owning this humming bird painting will make you feel like a beautiful humming bird with its am zing song and beautiful body.


Posted by: Amol Garg

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African Drumers

This is a 16x20 canvas print of the original painting. It is an abstract and has different shades of blue.

02 Jul 12

African Drumers

What inspired me to make this painting:

I was entering myself in an art competition that asked you to show diversity in art and i thought that this cubic painting would be the perfect choice.


How I made this piece of art:

I first made my drawing and then made different size squares over the painting and colored them different shades of blue.


What I will do when this drawing sells:

I donate all the proceeds of my art to the Children's Hospital. I like to help other kids around me and would be very happy to do the same with this money. You can purchase this painting or share it with your friends. Thank you!


Posted by: Amol Garg

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