Build a Marketplace

Meylah’s social commerce platform enables communities to create their own destination commerce portal to connect buyers and sellers easily!

Communities can now create their own branded, curated, automated and customized online marketplace to connect their buyers and sellers easily! These community powered marketplaces can be used to power local commerce, connect members of peer groups (photography club, church groups) or be a resource center.

The community powered marketplaces allows the curator the ability to generate new revenues and automated product aggregation from independent online stores eliminates administrative burden, saving the curator time and money!

Customize To Your Brand

Customize your own online marketplace to your brand and even integrate it with your existing website if you choose!

Curate Your Marketplace

Build your marketplace with your sellers and their products so you can sell together with your chosen community of peers!

Automatic Product Listings

Fill your marketplace automatically from your sellers’ independent online stores so you don’t have lift a finger to load your marketplace with products!

A Buyer’s Paradise

It’s a buyer’s paradise to shop year-round from a community of sellers they trust both locally and globally!

A Seller’s Dream

It’s a seller’s dream to sell in multiple online marketplaces from a single product listing from their online store!

Generate Revenue

Generate new revenue by collecting a transaction fee of your choice on all the products that sell in your marketplace! This is a premium feature and requires setup fees and subscription fee (starting at $20/month). Contact us for more information