10 Jul 12

Happy Birthday Baby!

Baby's first birthday is a milestone for mommy, and who doesn't want this sweet thing dressed to the nines on the special day? Not me! I've loved making a wide variety of tees and onesies complete with numbers, cupcakes, numbers spelled out (cute!), cakes, they're all adorable, and even better when photographed well. These gorgeous shots were taken by Jessica Nyiredi in Boston, MA.


Posted by: Rachael Mitchell

08 Jun 12


Hello fans and friends of Happy Hollis Design! If you hadn't noticed I took a looooooong break from this blog, updating my website, Facebook posts--everything. I thought maybe I'd 'shut the doors' (figuratively since my sewing room has no doors), but just couldn't pull myself to do it. I'm very excited because I will be at one fun event this summer, and we'll see after that. I have a bunch of new designs, and along with the oldie, but goodies, I think there's a good variety! I'm really excited about this event, because it's with the best (in my opinion) store on the Eastside: Common Folk in Bellevue, on 8th in the Crossroads Mall parking lot. People, this store is awesome. Kathryn, the owner obviously has impeccable taste not only in what she has in her store, but how it's all displayed. I also appreciate her prices, you can always find something affordable. Anyways, THIS is the perfect opportunity to become a fan of the store because on June 30th from 10-4, she is hosting a "street fair" outside her store, and Happy Hollis Design will be there! I'm working on a new display, new designs, so I'm really looking forward to a fun, fresh start! 

Keep in mind that though I've been a dud with my online presence, I'm always available to make t-shirts and one pieces to meet all of your baby and kid needs! I realize my site hasn't been updated in over a year, but I'm a mere email away with any design, initial or monogram you want. 

Thanks! Hope to see you then!


Posted by: Rachael Mitchell

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