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Silver Women's Wire Beaded Kippah-white pearls 4.5"

Silver Women's Wire Beaded Kippah Silver Wire with white pearls for Jewish women to wear to synagogue or while praying at home.

09 Aug 13

Silver Women's Wire Beaded Kippah-white pearls 4.5"

Silver Women's Wire Beaded Kippah  Silver Wire with white pearls is for Jewish women to wear to bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings, or to synagogue. 

This silver wire with white pearl beaded kippah is around 4.5" in diameter and attaches easily to your head with a metal comb that is attached. 

Since each is handmade, yours might be a little different. 

Each kippah is sent in a fabric pouch by priority mail in a flat rate pouch. 

I create each woman's wire beaded kippah, which is a Hebrew term for yarmulke (Yiddish), skullcap or headcovering using beads and wire by hand. My designs are meant to be worn at the crown of your head. (Kippot is the plural form of kippah.)

Men are always required to cover their heads at synagogue, In the Conservative tradition, more women are beginning to wear wire beaded kippot instead of wearing doilies on our heads. A comb or snap slip barrette is attached so it stays in place in your hair.

My kippot can be purchased as gifts or to to wear for birthdays, the Sabbath, bar/bat mitzvah services, brit mi'lah, weddings, Jews by choice, Rosh HaShanah, Hanukkah and other Jewish Holidays. 

You can custom order yours - in terms of size, wire color and bead colors. Pricing depends on the size and type of beads, for example Swarovski crystals and gemstones will cost more than glass beads. 

Posted by: Linda Blatchford

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