23 Apr 14

40 Story's : Pledge $5 Today & Support Youth Leadership

We are excited to support a cool project called "40 Story's".

Over 60 youth are coming together to create a book on leadership from their perspective, to help youth around the world explore their core leadership skills and strive to be healthy, caring, and responsible citizens.

They are focused to raise 5000 dollars to donate money to food banks. We would love you to generously support them to make this vision a reality.

Pledge Today!


Little Background About Them:

Creative Children for Charity, or 3C, is a program for inspiring children and teens to volunteer their time and talent to raise money for social causes through art. 3C's mission is to inspire 1 million children and teens across the globe to volunteer their time and talent to help others through their art. Over 1000 kids have participated in 3C events and programs and raised over 10,000 dollars in the last 3 years.

3C's latest endeavor to inspire youth is 40 Story's! This project was inspired by The Search Institute, who architected 40 Development Assets of Leadership as building blocks of healthy development. Studies show that the average youth has no more than 20 leadership assets. 40 Story’s will enable our youth community to become aware of the leadership assets they need, and help them develop them in their lives.  

The 40 Story’s experience will culminate in a leadership book written by 60+ youth from their perspective, to help youth around the world explore their core leadership skills and strive to be healthy, caring, and responsible citizens.

Pledge Today on Indie GoGo.

This project will showcase forty assets of leadership created by the youth community. All forty assets will be displayed in multiple  locations throughout the year, followed by a mega event to acknowledge their contributions. There are 3 main goals that 3C wants to accomplish with this project: 

    • Launch the 40 Story's Leadership Book written from their perspective, to help youth around the world explore their core leadership skills and strive to be healthy, caring, and responsible citizens.

    • Fundraise for Food Banks 

    • Host 40 Story's Mega Event - To showcase and recognize the talent of the youth community and how they are making a difference. 

We believe that anyone who supports 3C and its mission will help the leaders of the future to develop their core leadership skills and strive to be healthy, caring, and responsible citizens. Please contact Cata Raggi at catrag101@hotmail.com if you have any questions.



Posted by: Ram Dutt

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Online Store Fundamentals: Copywriting - “What”, “Why” and “How”

“Copywriting is the art and science of writing a words that sells your product/service and convinces the customers to take action.

16 Apr 14

Online Store Fundamentals: Copywriting - “What”, “Why” and “How”

Now that your product is set for sale on your online storefront, you should next focus on creating the right product description. Considering your content as the most valuable business asset or the ultimate selling point, you would likely want to come up with all the technical jargons that constitute the product and puff up your copy with flowery language. But, this might not end up providing fruitful results and there could be chances that your product remains shelved. A better grip on copywriting can address your concerns and also brief your customers about how your product will fulfil their wants or needs. Good copywriting is not only about capturing the visitors’ attention with an expressive language, but also about conveying your business message and creating effective calls for action. So, every word and sentence in your content should mean something to your site visitors to keep them engaged. In short, it is a message that touches the deepest desires of your customer.

“Copywriting is the art and science of writing a copy (words used on webpages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces the prospective customers to take action.

It is about understanding the customers’ needs and what they want from your product. It is about helping them envision their desired results and explaining why they should buy”. In simpler words, copywriting is a marketing strategy of creating worthy and relevant content to attract and engage your site visitors, with an aim to persuade them to perform a desired or induced action on the web page.

Customers often tend to make instantaneous assessments in their subconscious mind while reading through your web content. It is a general behaviour of the customers to question how your products would benefit them. Hence, your web copy should be essentially compelling and meaningful enough to answer the customers’ big query “What’s in it for me?” Unfortunately, most of the small businesses often fail to craft such effective content and lose out on customers.  Instead of boasting about your products or services, it is more profitable to create a copy that would tell your site visitors what exactly they’d get if they purchase from you. A good web copy should provide a clear picture of what you’re offering the customers, and how they would benefit from it. So, prioritise your customers’ concerns and needs first in your content through these effective components of copywriting:

  1. WHAT: The big ‘WHAT’ answers all the questions related to your products or services. This includes “What is your product all about?” or, “What are its features?” and so on. Think from the customer’s perspective and think what more or additional data you could provide about your products and services, apart from basic information. One thing to be noted is that if the customers do not find adequate product information on your website with minimal clicks, you may become history.

  2.  WHY: The next big question ‘WHY’ describes the benefits that your product or service would offer your customers. This is again reading your customers’ mind and persuading them to make a purchase from your storefront. In simpler words, a marketer, through his/her effective web content, needs to provide a rough idea to the customer about the product and how it would match up to the latter’s choice?

  3.  HOW: This is one area to prove the uniqueness of your products or services and to make your customers realize the need to possess them.

  4. ADDRESSING CUSTOMER CONCERNS: Customer concern or complaint is a natural part of the sales process. But, most of the big as well as small enterprises often tend to ignore customers’ service-related questions posted on their websites and other social media sites. The customers might have issues over the product quality or functionality. So, eliminating or giving a cold shoulder to these concerns isn’t an advisable option. Instead the businesses should train their staff on how to handle the customer complaints and concerns quickly.

Go through the below links to learn about some of the examples of good and effective copywriting: 

This Digital product is Available to view!


Posted by: Chaitra Vedullapalli

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