29 Apr 10

10 Ways to Fix Writer's Block

Did you know that integrating a blog as part of the marketing mix for your business can be very effective...the ability to share the story about you and your work can be the difference between a browser and a new customer.  A blog can create that personal connection with potential customers that sometimes lacks in the online world...but what if you just can't seem to come up with the words for your blog, what if you encounter writer's block?

Don't worry, writer's block is very common and can easily be addressed using some very simple methods...here are 10 ways to fix writer's block the next time you are trying to write your story:

1. Walk Away

Walking away from your computer, tablet, paper, or notebook can provide the break you are looking for.  Staying in the same place will only discourage you more so walk away and give yourself a chance to take the necessary mental break.

2.  Write Something Else

Sometimes writer's block occurs because you just don't enjoy the topic you are writing about so try writing about something else.  For example, write about the events of your day, a hobby you enjoy or even just draw some pictures to distract yourself.  After this, go back to your original topic with a more refreshed and relaxed mind.

3.  Read Something Else

Taking a break from your own writing to read something else may provide a new idea or inspiration for your own writing.

4.  Make a List

Write what you know...make a list of everything you know about the topic you are trying to write about.  Creating a list will provide you with new directions and areas to take your story.  The list may also provide you with new topics for the future to add to your blog's editorial calendar.

5.  Research and Learn

Go online and research to learn more about your topic...this will give you many new ideas and areas to write about.

6.  Ask Yourself Questions...and Answer Them

Ask yourself questions about the topic and then answer them...and answer them as if you were describing it to a child.  Sometimes we forget how much we know and neglect to inform our audience of the foundational understanding so make sure you identify your audience and then write for them.

7.  Don't Edit...Just Write

Allow yourself to write from a stream of conciousness...write whatever comes to mind and continue to write.  You can go back and edit later, just get the words down so you are moving forward and making progress.  Remember, good writing means rewriting.

8.  Try Writing at an Unusual Time

If you typically write during the afternoon, try writing late at night or early in the morning.  If it's usually on the weekend, try it on a week night...you might find that this disruption actually becomes a great creative outlet.

9.  Exercise

Getting the blood flowing can help get the creative juices flowing.  Exercise not only keeps you healthy, it can keep you mentally strong by giving you the needed break to reduce your stress and increase your heart rate.

10.  Ask For Help

One of the best ways to get over writer's block is to ask for help from your family, friends or even online community.  Reach out to fellow artists and crafters and ask for new ideas or tips for how they deal with writer's block.  Community support is the core of everyone's success so make sure you ask for help.

How do you deal with writer's block?  Let us know so others can benefit from your ideas...good luck and most importantly, have fun!


Posted by: Jason Dirks

Posted in: blogging

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1 cathie commented on 04/29/2010

Great points for writers block! In addition, I keep a folder full of pictures that are used for artistic and blogging inspiration. When my brain is sluggish, I use these pictures as a motivational starting point.

2 melinda neely commented on 04/29/2010

I have to reiterate the value in Jason’s point #7 – don’t edit, just write. This is the single important step that enabled me to complete my first book. I used to spend so much time re-writing what I’d just written that I never finished anything. Other people’s first (and even second) drafts suck, too. Who cares? Just get your thoughts on paper and worry about making it sound good later. Great post!

3 Courtney commented on 04/29/2010

Researching really helps me when I’m experiencing a block, & Cathie’s suggestion about pictures is great too. I find myself constantly tearing pictures/articles/recipes out of magazines that I particularly like, which I add to a binder that I can turn to when I need inspiration, not just for when I’m experiencing a writer’s block, but when I’m experiencing a creative block as well!

4 Rob commented on 01/29/2014

I would be tempted to add an 11th point.

Writers block can be a short term event, but of course can be much longer.

One of its many sources can be fatigue, but more so, frustration. If you're just not in a good mood today, don't bother writing anything. If its morning, afternoon or evening, go out, do something you love and clear your head. If its night time, get a hot beverage and go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning.

When your in a good mood, your far more likely to write successfully.

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