18 Apr 11

10 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Special

Besides the obvious approach of fulfilling your customer’s wants or needs, what other techniques do you use to keep customers happy?  Here are 10 ways to bring smiles to your customers’ faces by making them feel special:

1. Send your customers a note on their birthday

Yes, this takes a bit of tracking, but it’s an easy and inexpensive way to show customers that you care!

2. Show them personal attention

Perhaps you work with your customers on a custom order or you provide input and recommendations on what they should buy, giving your time and personal attention sets you apart from the competition.

3. Thank them for their purchase and express your appreciation

Whether it’s a thank you card or a verbal “thank you,” expressing your sincere appreciation makes people feel like they are making a difference by supporting your business.   Many people are putting more and more thought into purchasing consciously, even if they have to pay a bit more.  If they feel your sincere appreciation, they are more apt to notice or come back to you (or other businesses within your community) in the future.

4. Give back

Perhaps you donate a percentage of your sales to charity or offer items or services to non-profit auctions, by giving, oftentimes you’re not only making a difference, but you’re giving people a reason to want to support your business as well.

5. Provide "bang for the buck"

Reward customers by providing great value for an affordable price.

6. Give a discount or a promotion on future purchases

Providing a perk, such as a discount or free shipping for future purchases is a nice touch, rewarding customers for their business and incentivizing them to come back!

7. Make adjustments based on their feedback

Show customers that your care by listening to their advice.  If they have feedback for you or your business, they will feel appreciated if you consider their feedback and if appropriate, make necessary adjustments to your business based on their recommendations.

8.  Give them your business

If your customers also run a business, when you can, reciprocate by giving them your business!

9. Remember them

Maybe you welcome your customers by first name when you run into them or you greet them in a way that shows you recognize them, demonstrating that you remember your customers makes them feel important.

10. Stand by your work or your services

If something is wrong with the work or service you’re providing, then take whatever steps are necessary to fix the issue.  When customers are confident that you will take care of them, not only in that moment, but in future builds their trust in you while giving them a reason to come back again.

Do you use any of the techniques on this list to make customers feel special? What other ways do you show them that you care?

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Main image courtesy of Ballistik Coffee Boy.

Posted by: Courtney Dirks

Posted in: business management , selling

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1 Comment

1 Jon Thomas commented on 04/26/2013

Just giving you props for this post. I relayed back to it a few times on my recent post on a similar topic. Thank you for tips.

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