15 Mar 11

3 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

Mason jars may were created back in the 1800’s for the purpose of canning and preserving food, but these days, they’re the perfect foundation for a variety of other creative uses!  Today we're sharing 3 creative uses for Mason jars, please add your ideas to the mix as well!

Organize Your Goodies

Gemgirlart uses Mason jars to organize her goodies, (buttons in this case) and she’s even taken the time to organize them all by color with matching lids!  I envy her organizational skills!

Pin Cushion

Casey of C453Y used this tutorial by Suzanne’s Crazy for Collars to create a cute Mason jar pin cushion.  It even serves a dual purpose by storing her buttons inside!

Hanging Floral Vases

Treasure Again creates lids so that you can turn your own Mason jars into hanging floral vases or even hanging lanterns.   Take a peek at her Etsy shop and her Flickr photostream to see her various creative uses for Mason Jars!

Thank you Gemgirlart, C453Y, and Treasure Again for sharing your creative Mason Jar projects with us today!

So what about you?  Do you also love Mason jars?  How have you used them creatively?

Main image courtesy of trekkyandy.

Posted by: Courtney Dirks

Posted in: community

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1 Charlotte Magno commented on 03/15/2011

OK, now THAT is most certainly CRAFTY!!!

2 christie smith commented on 03/15/2011

LOL, i actually thought the best use for mason jars was to drink iced tea out of! (yes, i'm originally from the south!) i do love the other ideas though, and the hanging flower containers sure are pretty!

3 treasureagain commented on 03/16/2011

THANK YOU Courtney for making my my Mason Jar Hanging Lids part of your creative collection! I appreciate it!

For something as simple as a jar, they have been a part of my whole life. As a kid they were part of most meals, holding apple sauce, pear sauce, green beans, other goodies from the garden,etc...Until I was old enough to put food from my own garden into them, along with using them for floral vases.
They've been a part of most organizing in each room of the house. My favorite is the one I use as a bedside lamp, to hold my grandmothers saved buttons.

Most of the jars I have saved have been around longer then me and will continue to be here for many more years and have many more uses!
Thanks again!

4 Carla commented on 05/16/2011

Really fun! I loved al the ideas, especially the hanging vases! I mostly use them for storage myself, I keep my soapmaking spatulas in there, keeps them easily accessable and really easy to see what I'm getting.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

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