03 Apr 11

7 Types of Digital Products to Sell Online

There is a movement going on and it's all digital!  Sales of digital products are dominating ecommerce sales today and they are skyrocketing on Meylah!

Why the big shift?  Well, once you take a look at the digital business, it's pretty easy to see the benefits right away.  Selling digital products allows you to create a product once and sell it many times.  With digital platforms like Meylah, buyers get their digital product in an automatic download after purchase so the seller doesn't have to take time to fulfill or manage orders.  And, digital products don't have any raw material costs so the profit margin is much higher.

So, what types of digital products are out there?  We thought we'd share a few ideas with you to get you started on your way to digital success:

  1. Patterns: We have a huge stitching and sewing community on Meylah selling digital patterns. Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery said "it's AMAZING to be able to list our patterns fast and have Meylah's automatic PDF delivery do all the work for us! I wouldn't use anything other than Meylah!"
  2. Photography:  Rather than selling prints, why not sell your digital images for less cost and save yourself time and money printing for your customers.
  3. Artwork: There's only one original, but this way you can sell duplicates of your original work for a less expensive rate and satisfy more customers.
  4. Clip Art: Graphic artists like Cocoa Mint can sell their creations over and over again without having to package their work onto CDs.  She said "What's so great about Meylah is that everything is already integrated which provides seamless file delivery for my customers."
  5. Recipes: Do you have any secret recipes? Try creating digital copies of them and selling them to interested customers wanting to cook your stuff.
  6. eBooks: Are you an author or do you want to write?  Publishing an eBook not only can add revenue to your business, it also allows you to become an authority in your field.
  7. Tutorials: Online tutorials have become a very useful aid for teaching. With Meylah, you can create your own step-by-step tutorials using video and images and share them or even sell them for an added revenue stream to your business.

What kind of digital products do you make?  The possibilities are endless so start filling your storefront today with your digital creations!

Posted by: Jason Dirks

Posted in: marketing , selling

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Great information about going digital. I recently released two spreadsheets for crafters- one to help calculate cogs and another to help keep track of consignment inventory. I love the idea of having digital downloads available and able to share with others. And I'm wrapping up my first e-book on blogging soon, so thanks for the tips on eJunkie (from the link). It's good to know about all the options out there. Always love your articles!

2 Janis N. Senungetuk commented on 04/03/2011

I'd like more information on both the photography and artwork digital sales. Printing my images, although the process sparks my creative drive, has become a tremendous expense and limits my output of new images.
Please send me more information.

3 Jason commented on 04/03/2011

@ Martha - That's so great to hear...we look forward to seeing your eBook on blogging!

@ Janis - You can find more information on digital photography and artwork sales by taking our tour of digital products at http://meylah.com/tour/sell-knowledge or you can also check out some of our members selling their digital images and artwork in our marketplace under the "digital goods" category. Thanks!

4 okechukwu commented on 06/18/2011

Great post. I basically like the ebook and tutorial product cos it easily marketable. This is because people want to learn new stuff on daily basis and when you create a product on ebook format or tutorial and present it to them, they will quickly grab it for money. Thank for the post.

5 Nathan Wilkins commented on 10/25/2013

Great ideas, I need to try out selling an ebook but I need something to write about!

6 Candace commented on 02/08/2014

http://www.Vasforhire.com is a great way to buy and sell content and virtual assistant gigs. You can set up a store, and get started right away.

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