17 Dec 13

Are Your Gift Items Ready to be Sold in Large Retail Stores?

As many of you already know Meylah is 100% committed to helping independent and small businesses connect with their sellers online through their social storefront platform. 

However, Meylah knows that many business owners not only need an online option to sell their products but they also need to be able to have their products sold in their own brick and mortar store as well as through other retailers. 

For many small, independent retail stores, all a product needs to have is a price label attached to the back however, if you want your products to be sold through a larger retailer or through a retail chain, it is necessary to have a UPC Barcode. 

Small retailers typically are able to key in the price of each item that they sell to customers each day but larger retailers utilize price scanners and therefore need each item that they sell to have a UPC Barcode attached to make the point of sale a seamless process.

In addition to needing a barcode for ease of scanning, barcodes are also useful to larger retailers for record keeping purposes. 

Each product barcode is unique and many retailers will store your product(s) barcode in order to help them automate and keep track of what they have in stock. 

This helps them stay organized as well as helps them communicate with you about what items of yours they have sold and when they need to have you send them additional products to restock.

There are two places that are well known for providing barcodes to business owners for their products:

Please visit each company’s site and read their information carefully to determine which one you may want to purchase a set of barcodes from.  But before you purchase any barcodes you must think about the following:

  • Are there retail stores that I would like to sell my products through who need barcodes in order to sell them?

  • How many barcodes would I need to purchase? (Please note: You will need a separate barcode for each individual product or product variation.)

  • What is my budget for purchasing barcodes?

  • Do I have the tools to produce barcode labels or will I need to purchase those as well?

  • Do I have the tools to keep my barcode records organized?

  • Will I be selling my products internationally?  (Nationwide Barcode provides barcodes for items that will be sold in the United States, Canada and Europe.)

Once you’ve thought through your barcode needs it is time to decide which company you will purchase your barcodes from.   Stay tuned for part two of this blog topic to find out the steps you need to take once you make your barcode purchase.

Posted by: Nakeesa Frazier

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