05 Feb 13

Believe Me..Selling to Retailers is Made Easy by Sandy Dell

Imagine a world where your products are in retail stores. The best part is that it is totally possible with proper preparation. We would like to introduce Sandy Dell, who is a thought leader and a coach to many businesses. She has helped many small businesses to get their products into retail and gift stores effectively.

Customers love her tips and tools. Here is testimonial by Andreea Ayers "If you're looking for insider knowledge on how to work with sales reps for your product line, Sandy's eGuide is a must. I wish I’d read it when I had my t-shirt line. It would have helped me to navigate and understand the world of sales reps better. I really love the specific advice on how to find sales reps and how to exactly work with them to maximize sales. It's not easy to find a sales rep that is a good fit, but Sandy manages to explain how it all works for maximum benefits to everyone involved." 

Here are Top 5 Tips to help you prepare and understand the most effective way to work with wholesale buyers.

Here is a summary of her blog post:

Selling your unique creations to retail store buyers is not as overwhelming as it seems – especially if you are prepared!  A bad first impression is difficult to overcome!  Not only do you look unprofessional, but a poorly planned process may cost you more money than the sale is worth!

  1. Retail store buyers are busy people

  2. Spend some time developing a relationship with the buyer and their store.

  3. You, as the seller, control the situation when you are presenting your products.

  4. The store buyer is in control once your products are purchased.

  5. Persistence is the key when dealing with buyers!

Want to learn in depth how each tip works, visit Sandy Dell's site : Selling to Retailers today!!



During the entire month of February, Sandy will be offering NINE free resources for anyone who purchases my "Complete Guide for Selling to Gift Shops."

Bonuses include the following:

  • Best Small Business Tools

  • Consignment Agreement - Editable

  • Introductions to Marketing to the Affluent

  • Sample Packing Slip and Invoice

  • Sample Sales Flyer

  • Sample Sales Flyer - Editable

  • Trade Credit Application

  • Trade Credit Application - Editable

  • Website for Wholesale eGuide

NOTE:  Special bonuses will be email separately from the eGuide!

About Sandy Dell : She is a successful independent sales representative, working in the gift and gourmet food industries since January of 2001. In that capacity, she’s called on over 1200 gift retailers, turning 450+ into customers, while representing up to 45 gift and gourmet producers at a time.

She is also co-owner, with her husband, of Gourmet Innovations LLC, a manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of gourmet foods and gift.  Sandy also manages multiple retail and wholesale web sites in the gift and gourmet food niche.

Sandy also authors and maintains several social media site and blogs, and has submitted articles to several different industry sites.

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