16 Jan 10

Creative Children for Charity: Simple Steps To Get Involved

Philanthropy is a state of mind.  Do people have to go through an epiphany in their lives to decide to support others in their community…we don’t think so.  Today, we want to introduce you to a program started here in the Seattle area called Creative Children for Charity.

It all started with my son who has been selling his artwork to help raise money for kids at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.  At first, he was doing this all by himself, and then one day he asked if he can have his friends join him and it gave us the idea to start Creative Children for Charity.

Creative Children for Charity, or 3C, is a program for inspiring young artists to volunteer their time and talent to raise money for social causes through art.  The goal of the program is to provide an environment for kids to be creative and have fun, while also nurturing a spirit of social consciousness. 3C’s aspiration is to have 1 million children across the globe volunteer their time and talent to help others through their art.

3C was put together by parents and several volunteers from the Seattle area and the basis of the program is to show children, even from an early age, that they can participate in their community to help anyone they choose in their own creative way.  3C was started with one goal in mind - empower children to grow their spirit of giving.  This empowerment leads to greater involvement in the community and a belief that anyone can make a difference.  The summer of 2009 was the beginning and we launched this program with 2 simple steps:

1. Create Artwork
2. Sell the Artwork

The first step is to create beautiful artwork.  3C organized two events with several children to create artwork.  The first event, titled "Blooming Hearts", was hosted by our good friend Miska (our local art teacher) and roughly 50 children participated.  You can see images of the work that the children created on 3C’s Facebook Fan Page. The second event, titled "Holiday Spirit", was held at a local park in partnership with Culture Care, a local childcare agency.  Both events generated more than 85 incredible paintings!

The second step is to sell the artwork.  The 3C team took a grass roots approach and sold the artwork at many local events, cafés and even at local auctions.  Each painting was sold for around $20 and helped to raise over $2000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital.  There are many more pieces of artwork available and we continue to find new venues to sell in the effort to help Children’s Hospital.

All the kudos go out to the parents, children and volunteers who made this program successful and continue to do so. The 3C team responsible for developing the strategy and managing the program include Sudeshna Dixit, Kiran Bangalore, Shikha Desai, Sameera Goteti, Chaitra Vedullapalli and Miska in collaboration with Seattle Children’s Hospital.  The best outcome of these events was the satisfaction and pride that the children felt for participating and our job is to keep this flame burning until they become adults when the torch can be passed on to the next generation.

Our wish is for you to take this idea and build it in your community.  The Creative Children for Charity program can be replicated anywhere and is simple and easy to create.  You can launch the program with 1 child or more than 100 children and is designed with the following 6 elements:

  • Connect with Creative Children for Charity on the Facebook Fan Page and become a Champion
  • Organize an event in your community (i.e. home, a local park, community center, etc.)
  • Secure sponsorships for materials and local volunteers
  • Provide instructions at the event to create the artwork
  • Sell artwork at local events and fairs, online, or any venue of your choice
  • Donate to proceeds to a charity of your choice

In the coming weeks, we will share the details on how to launch this program in your area so show your support and get involved with your children in an innovative and fun program to support your local community.

And share your ideas for possible events that 3C can organize this year…we’d love to collaborate with you.

Posted by: Ram Dutt

Posted in: community

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1 Jason commented on 01/16/2010

Thanks for the great article Ram…it was truly fun to be involved with Creative Children for Charity and see all the wonderful artwork the kids painted. It is inspiring!

2 Camilla commented on 01/16/2010

I’ll read the article with my children tonight and try to get them inspired to get involved hands-on . Thank you for what you are doing, it’s simply wonderful, helping children in need while helping other children learn how to care… while having fun too!!!

3 Sheri commented on 01/18/2010

What a great philosophy and project! We all need to give back to our communities and this has so many positive outcomes not only for the charities but for the children. Sheri

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