19 May 10

Creative Ways to Increase your Facebook Fans

Facebook has become an important medium to build and expand your community.  Having a presence on Facebook and managing the fan base gives you a great way to communicate, engage and improve your business.  There are several ways that you can increase your fan base and here are some of the simple and easy ones to try:

1. Provide Value

Many people choose to use Facebook on a regular basis.  For those fans who regularly communicate on Facebook, providing value and access to information that is easy and short makes it valuable.  Also, being focused on the type of content is very important.  Mixing many themes, types of content and irrelevant information will turn off your fans.  Providing valuable information will enable your fans to engage with you.

2. Engage with Your Fans

Engaging with your fans is one of the best ways to increase your fan base.  You can engage with your fans by responding to their comments, posting information about events that they like, posting events that you are involved with, posting contests you are aware of or having your own contest, and even offering unique discounts or promotions for your Facebook fans.  Every time your fans engage with you, their networks become aware of you and that will increase your fan base.

3. Referrals and Recommendations

If you provide value to your fans and engage with them, asking for your fans to recommend or refer you to their networks becomes easy.  Ask for help and your true fans will respond and support you.  All your fans have to do is "Suggest" their friends to become a fan.

4. Connect with Your Blog

If you have a blog (and you create content), link your blog content on your Facebook page.  Share relevant content (other articles, news, inspirational content, events, etc.) to get more readers.  Maybe even ask them to become a fan from your blog post or link your Facebook fan page in your e-mail signature...every opportunity you get, you should let everyone know that they can become a fan of your business on Facebook.

5. Be Regular

Predictability is probably the best way to get more exposure and build your brand.  Be regular in posting information, be regular in responding to your fans' comments, be regular in asking for help, and be regular in sharing relevant content.

6. Integrate Apps

There are many ways to increase your fans and one common method is to integrate applications (usually called “apps”) into your Facebook page.  There are several applications and you can learn about them at Facebook's Application Directory.  Review them, integrate them and use your judgment on how many you apps you want to add and manage to ensure that you do not overwhelm your fans.

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We would love to learn about the ways you use to increase your fans on Facebook so share your unique and creative ways with us!

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Posted by: Ram Dutt

Posted in: social media

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1 Mallory - Miss Malaprop commented on 05/19/2010

I discovered a new one recently, though I’m not sure how effective this is in increasing your loyal fans over just pure number of fans….

I recently saw Fiverr mentioned online (Etsy forums maybe?) and decided to test it out: http://www.fiverr.com/categories/social-marketing/pages/1

There are quite a few people who will refer your Facebook fan page to all of their FB friends for $5. (Every service on that site costs exactly $5.) I was curious to see if it would even work, so I thought what the heck and did it. The person I worked with said they would recommend my page to 3,400 friends – sure enough, overnight I had about 230+ new fans!

Here’s the thing… I’m still not sure how good of a value that is, since these people probably get fan pages suggested to them all of the time if their friend does this Fiverr service often. So I’m not sure if they just become a fan because their friend suggests stuff all of the time or if it’s because once they checked it out, they really like the fan page. That said, it’s something to experiment with…

2 Ram Dutt commented on 05/19/2010

Hello Mallory,

Great feedback. Like you said that buying fans may not be the best way to look good. Also, the reason for Facebook fans is that we can spread the word and engage with them. I am not sure that the fans whom you can get at a price will necessarily contribute and add value to you and the other true fans. I think growing organically is the best way.

3 joshep_marck_don commented on 06/24/2010

Very informative article. I hope to increase the visibility of the site by adopting these effective techniques.

4 Facebook Fan Page Design commented on 05/29/2011

Like you have mentioned #1 providing value is the most important factor among all. If you could do that, the fan following and brand building would happen by itself.

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