31 Jan 11

Getting to Know Quilting Superstar: Amy Ellis

Some say, “to quilt is to live” and Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side is doing just that, a whole lotta’ living!  We were delighted when Amy agreed to be interviewed about using Meylah, sharing her experiences writing a book, organizing a modern sewing conference, and holding down the fort with four kids!  So, let’s get to the good stuff!

Meylah: Tell us about your new book, Modern Basics: Easy Quilts to Fit Your Budget, Space, and Style.

Amy: Modern Basics is for those wanting to learn to quilt, or loves simple, interesting quilt patterns.  I've learned that quilts don't have to be complicated to be beautiful or well loved, and this book is full of just that sort of quilt!   I don't have a dedicated studio space in our home, and talk about how to make sewing fit in your life, even when you are carving space out at the dining table.  There's also tips for making the most of your creative time even if you don't have much time to spare!

Meylah: What inspired you to write your book and did you learn anything new about yourself going through the process of writing it and getting it published?

Amy: I was inspired shortly after I started blogging, actually.  I had been sketching ideas, and found that I quickly had more than enough to fill a book!  I took a big step in believing in myself, and my work, to submit a proposal, and was excited to later have it accepted and the hard work began!  I learned that I can do most anything I set my mind to, and that having my family's support is most important to me.  When I finally had my advance copy, Ella my 10 year old, was just as excited as I was!

Meylah: Please share a bit about The Sewing Summit, what is it and how can folks get involved?

Amy: The Sewing Summit is a modern sewing and blogging conference for the modern sewist who wants to connect with others in a fun and inspiring setting. We are planning classes, panels, networking events and more.  People can get involved by helping us spread the word about the conference, and we plan to have conference tickets available in the very near future!  Check out the website to see the beautiful hotel that we worked out a great rate with, and to learn more about our teachers and classes.

Meylah: What do you recommend to creative folks who are interested in becoming a part of a quilting community?

Amy: Jump in!  Sharing quality content online regularly, is a great way to connect with others.  Another recommendation is leaving meaningful comments at each blog you visit, be sure to have your email visible in your profile so that you are not only leaving a comment but hopefully beginning a conversation.

Meylah: You’re also a Meylah member, what do you like about using Meylah to sell your quilt kits and patterns?

Amy: I love how simple Meylah is for me to use!  Listing is a breeze, and the new flat rate shipping tool is perfect for shipping little bits of fabric to my readers.

Meylah: Have you considered using Meylah’s Byte-Syze Learning tutorial creation tool to teach others about quilting?

Amy: I have, just haven't done it yet!  Blogging daily at Amy's Creative Side and planning The Sewing Summit, I'm having a hard time finding the time, but I will soon!

Meylah: Has Meylah made selling your work any easier?  If so, how?

Amy: Absolutely!  Like I said before I love how simple it is to list items.  Adding pictures and descriptions is fast  and I can save a draft if I get pulled away from the computer!

Meylah: What are you up to when you’re not sewing or writing?

Amy: I'm a wife and mom to 4....there's always someone needing a hug or snuggle, lots of laundry and dishes to keep up with too!  It's never dull and every day is full - I'm blessed!

Check out Amy’s storefront on Meylah to see her beautiful selection of fabric, quilts, and patterns available for sale!  Get your credit card out and ready because her items are irresistible!

Have you connected with Meylah on Facebook or Twitter?  We'd love for you to swing by to comment, give us feedback, ask a question, or just to say hello!

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1 Chai commented on 01/31/2011

Very inspiring story! Thanks for sharing. I bought gifts for my friend from Amy and she was just fantastic in her customer service. My friend loved it.

Thank you :)

2 kathy commented on 01/31/2011

Love your quilts. I'm connecting my friend Linda with you.

3 Tove Leggett commented on 02/01/2011

Amy great interview, and I go love how the stuff show in your online store. So proud of you! Can't wait to get my book!

4 Beth commented on 02/01/2011

Great interview, Amy! Looking forward to getting my copy of your book :) I so wish I could come to the Sewing Summit :(

5 Amanda commented on 02/01/2011

Amy is SO sweet & super talented. Awesome interview!

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