20 Apr 12

Great News! Meylah & All New Features Are Now FREE!

Yes! Yes! Yes!  What you're reading is not a joke...everything on Meylah is now FREE!  No more monthly subscription fees, no listing fees and we've reduced the transaction fees to only 2.75%! 

We are super excited to announce these changes and so happy that with our continued growth and all our new features that we're able to reward our members with all our best features at no cost!  Here are the details:

No More Monthly Subscription Fees!

All monthly subscription fees gone so you won't be charged a monthly fee any longer and all PREMIUM features that used to cost a monthly fee have automatically been included in every members' account at no cost!

Transaction Fees Reduced to 2.75%!

At the end of the day, it's about you and your work. We want to make sure you get a bigger slice of the pie so we've reduced the transaction fees from 5% to ONLY 2.75%!  Your success is our success and now you don't have to risk any upfront cost to realize your dreams of running a successful online business.

List Up To 100 Products!

In addition to reduced transaction fees and no more subscription fees, we've also increased the limit of product listings from 25 up to 100!  Now, you can list and share your products til your heart's content!

Join & Create New Online Marketplaces!

You can now list your products in multiple online marketplaces with one single click!  We've already had several new marketplaces created in the last few weeks which you can join and automatically list your products instantly from your Meylah store.

And don't forget, you can also create your own online marketplace, customized and curated by you so you can sell together with your selected peers and have their products automatically fill your new marketplace.

In fact, one of our newest marketplace curators, Jennifer of Woodlands Bride (a new handmade wedding marketplace), wrote a great article this week on Handmade Success on the 5 Reasons You Need to Check Out Meylah's Marketplace Platform.

Here are just a few of our newest online marketplaces that Meylah members are already selling in, check them out!

Coming Soon! The New Marketplace Directory so you can find, join and sell your products in unlimited online marketplaces all from your own Meylah store. 

Posted by: Courtney Dirks

Posted in: community

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1 Jennifer Schulting commented on 04/20/2012

This is such great news! And just in time. I'm writing a post for my blog in which I'm including all the wonderful things I like about Meylah. So glad I can include this link!

2 Courtney @ Meylah commented on 04/20/2012

Thanks Jennifer! Please share your post with us when you're finished...we'd love to read it!

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