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How to Brand Your Twitter Profile

Learn how to customize your Twitter profile design.

12 Mar 10

How to Brand Your Twitter Profile

With over 50 million tweets being sent daily, it's essential that you create a unique look for your Twitter profile. Anyone who visits your profile to get a better sense of who you are will be much more likely to visit your website or blog after seeing a profile with thought behind it.

While there are many paid options out there for customizing your Twitter profile design, this tutorial will explain two free ways to do it.

Justine Smith is an Etsy success story who used her experience selling online and turned it into a full-time wholesale business. Her real passion is helping handmade sellers find success marketing their craft products. She offers tips on advertising, branding, social media and growth via email through her blog Handmade Marketer.

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This Tutorial is Available to view!

Posted by: Justine Smith

Posted in: social media , tutorials

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1 Jaclyn Wolfe commented on 03/12/2010

This is a great post! Just the other day I found this tutorial about how to make a totally custon Twitter background using Power Point: . I made my rather simple but functional backrgound with it: Until then I had always wondered how companies had fancy backgrounds and just assumed they had super smart IT people working for them.

2 Courtney commented on 03/12/2010

Thanks so much Justine, I’ve always wondered how to do this easily & you make it look like a piece of cake. When I see custom Twitter profiles, it captivates me & makes me feel like that user has gone the extra mile to make themselves unique.

3 Robyn Colledge commented on 03/12/2010

wow lots of info
I have printed it out to take it step by step, thanks for the help

4 Facebook Fan Page @Brian Peters commented on 03/12/2010

This is really cool.

5 Margot commented on 03/20/2010

I didn’t see the Powerpoint tutorial, but that’s what I used to create mine. I just set up a background on the slide added a few pictures and text and saved the slide as a jpg. Had to play with the slide page dimensions a bit, but worked great.

6 Katrinna commented on 04/01/2010

I’ve always only used Twitter now and then. It’d never been the most dominant online ‘tool’ for me. But this little tutorial helps bring Twitter more to life. Cheers!

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