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How to Create An Ad for Your Business

Create your own ad using the free photo-editing program, Gimp, and one of your own product shots.

05 May 10

How to Create An Ad for Your Business

Create your own ad using the free photo-editing program Gimp, and one of your own product shots. There are just a few steps, so get ready to pull your ad together in no time.

Once you know how to create an ad yourself, you'll save yourself the money and time of getting someone else to do it, and have more to spend on advertising and other business expenses. You'll also know how to personalize the ad with your own branding and messaging.

Justine Smith is an Etsy success story who used her experience selling online and turned it into a full-time wholesale business. Her real passion is helping handmade sellers find success marketing their craft products. She offers tips on advertising, branding, social media and growth via email through her blog Handmade Marketer.

Main image is a collage of ads from Scoutie Girl and City of Dionne.

This Tutorial is Available to view!

Posted by: Justine Smith

Posted in: marketing , tutorials

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1 becky commented on 05/06/2010

i love this! i have used picnik before trying to do this…but gimp looks a bit easier with a preset size. i might have to give it a try.

2 Courtney commented on 05/06/2010

Hi Justine – When I drag and drop my image onto the 150×150 template, it’s giant and I had a tough time fitting the portion I wanted until I used the “Scale Image” under the Image menu to resize my photo before dropping it into the template. This enabled me to fit my image within the smaller template of 150×150. Thanks for the great tutorial, just wanted to pass this tip along to anyone else with large images.

3 Elena commented on 05/12/2010

Could someone recommend a tool for creating animated ads? Last year, I was able to find a shareware tool online but they don’t seem to be available anymore. I’m looking for a basic animation tool that doesn’t lead to image quality deterioration and lets you control the speed of frame change. If you have tips, please email me. Thanks so much in advance!
tickledpinkknits AT gmail DOT com

4 Justine commented on 05/19/2010

Hey Elena,

I love the program Photoscape which is free and works with both PC and Mac. It has an option to create an animated gif file so you can layer a few different product shots and create an animated ad for use on blogs and what not!

Hope that helps!

(and Courtney – kick ass tip, thank you. Learn something new every day!)

5 Kimberly commented on 06/24/2010

I just stumbled onto your web site. I seriously am not sure how I got here, but I am so glad I did. What an awesome resource. In the few minutes I've been here I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much. I'll be back, often!

6 kanchana Nerato commented on 07/10/2010

hi justine, i enjoyed your article about making your own ad very much! and i tried to download Photoscape to my MacBook but after a few tries without seccess:( i thought maybe you may have a suggestion?
any help is greatly appreciated!

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