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How To Package Your Product

For sellers of handmade items, packaging plays a very important role.

08 Jan 10

How To Package Your Product

The products we sell need to be encased or wrapped in some way for several reasons: protection, branding,  presentation and experience. How you package your product can help it stand out in a crowd, and can also affect customers' impressions  of your business.  The experience  of receiving and opening a pretty package reminds people of receiving  a gift and who doesn't love gifts?

For sellers of handmade items, packaging plays a dual role. First, the packaging brands your products and makes them unique. The second is that it can help play up the fact that you're not selling conveyer-belt products. As crafters and artists, you can add personal touches that big corporations can’t, so take advantage of that!

Dionne Christiansen is a graphic designer based in Houston, TX. She is the face behind the Etsy store City of Dionne and writes at her blog Notes From Dionne.

This Tutorial is Available to view!

Posted by: Dionne Christiansen

Posted in: business management , tutorials

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1 Catwalk Creative Vintage commented on 01/08/2010

This is a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing! :)

2 Amie McCracken commented on 01/08/2010

Every time I see an article on packaging it makes me wish I sold something that wasn’t flat. Anybody have tips on how to package photos and cards in a pretty way?

3 Erin commented on 01/08/2010

This is gorgeous, I love the idea, and so easy to personalize it to everyone’s individual tastes!

4 Kristin commented on 01/08/2010

Those are gorgeous little packages! I often hear people say they don’t want to pay the added expense of pretty packaging – but it’s so important! I get feedback all the time on the fact that the items I send are in gift boxes, with grosgrain ribbon. I’ve seen great stuff using vellum-y paper and baker’s twine too…maybe that would work for photos and cards, because it’s lighter? Such adorable stuff!

5 Namrata Wadhwa commented on 01/08/2010

I loved this read!!Can’t wait to get all the stuff and try it out myself!! Great read

6 Courtney commented on 01/08/2010

I love that you have taken common, everyday items lying around the house and turned them into something so cute. What a creative & affordable way to spice things up! (Amie – I saw on Dionne’s last post a store featured called Nice Package that sells baker’s twine, they feature it wrapped around photos & it looks great!)

7 Mechelle commented on 01/08/2010

You have made something very simple elegant!

8 tiara commented on 01/10/2010

Aww, lovely! I love the little extra touch! :D makes the ordinary package looks a lot prettier! :D

and well, what can I say? I always love anything when ribbon is involved, haha…

thank you for the great idea! :D keep sharing? :p

9 Bob commented on 01/11/2010

Love the step by step approach. You make it look so simple. I’m definitely going to try to spice up the way I give gifts!

10 Kella commented on 01/13/2010

Your creativity never ceases to amaze and INSPIRE me. I see things like this and wish I could make my packaging look as good… now that I know the steps – I CAN!!!!

11 Carissa Marsh commented on 01/14/2010

so pretty! I love the buttons idea!

12 Phyllis Crawley commented on 02/19/2010

Great Idea! Thanks so much… I am always at a loss at how to do these things.

13 Tasha Chawner commented on 02/20/2010

Another beautiful gift-wrapping suggestion.
Thank you so much.

14 Violette commented on 04/15/2010

Wow… this cool or what? I often don’t dress up my etsy packages…..well because i don’t really enjoy wrapping…..but i can see how it can help make a simple gift into something special! Thanks so much for the nudge.

Love, Violette xo

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