07 May 12

Lessons from a Life Coach: The Benefits of Using Total Choice

What is total choice? Total choice is not something you have to earn or go looking for...just as you are right now you have total choice in your life and business. Being aware of this remarkable thing means having that awareness for options that can create the business of your dreams.

Living with total choice means knowing you are responsible for the great things you brought to your life and for the circumstances that just seem to “happen to you.” Granted, there are scenarios in our life we simply don’t plan, BUT you have the choice to either react without believing you have options, or respond with choice. When we react we truly believe we are the bystanders in what is happening around us, taking any possible control for what comes next away from us. Here is the best part—you have options, always! There is no, “can’t”, simply you chose to or chose not to.

How does this impact my business? There are so many wonderful ways having awareness around total choice can impact your work. You have choice around your worth or lack of worth, you have choice around time or lack of time, and you have choice around success or your lack of success. It’s not really a matter of “trying harder” rather a matter of giving yourself credit for what you do and do not have yet. Powerful, right?

Practice the following exercise...you might choose to think about your business or you might choose to think about your life in general. Grab a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with the way you currently spend your time?
  • Are you doing what you’ve chosen to do?
  • How much time do you spend on obligations imposed by others?
  • How much alignment is there between what you want and what you do?
  • What is the single most important thing you can do to bring your activities in line with your vision?
  • What you do next is up to you, after all you are at total choice, remember?

Here’s to having and loving choice!

As a Certified Life Coach Andrea is a qualified active listener. It is her role to hear the things that are not so obvious, clarify their meaning, and support you through your endeavor. Meet Andrea at Aleda Fitness.

Main image courtesy of Scarygami

Posted by: Andrea Mansfield

Posted in: business management

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