25 Apr 11

Meylah's New eBook: Perfecting Your Product Photography

We are very happy and excited to announce the release of our 4th eBook in our FREE eBook series, Perfecting Your Product Photography.

Artisans need the right tools to create: You may have mastered the art of using a torch, paintbrush, loom or kiln to create fabulous works of art, but have you mastered the tools required to feature your creations in their best light? Whether you’re building an online portfolio, or setting up a website to sell your creations online, product photography is an art unto itself.

Meylah's latest eBook, Perfecting Your Product Photography, will arm you with tips, tricks, and lessons learned (the hard way!) from taking thousands of product photos – so you can take perfect product shots from the get-go!

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Posted by: Ram Dutt

Posted in: business management , selling

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1 andreea commented on 05/09/2011

Thanks so much for this great ebook! It's so important to have great photos for your products - they are the only ones who can tell your story (besides the text on the page) and sell your products. Customers can't try your products on, smell them, feel them, touch them ... they rely on photos to make their decision to purchase. And an added bonus - if the press likes your product photos, they are most likely to cover your products in their editorial pages.

2 mamun sultan nur commented on 12/31/2012

thanks for your link

3 brian commented on 01/24/2013

Thank You Very Much

4 rodney postlethwaite commented on 03/17/2013

thanks for the opportunity

5 Girish Ramteke commented on 05/15/2013

It will good to read e-books

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