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New Meylah Feature - Coupon Codes For Your Storefront

Now you can create coupon/discount codes for your Meylah storefront and attract customers.

07 May 13

New Meylah Feature - Coupon Codes For Your Storefront

We all are accustomed to promotions as a small business owner.  These promotions are a great way to attract new customers, generate new sales and engage with our audience.

Who does not love a sale?  We all do and so do our customers.  We at Meylah are excited to share with you that now you can create your own coupon codes/discount codes especially for your storefront and energize your marketing machines.

Each storefront can create up to 5 coupon codes.  Each coupon code can be either a % of total purchases or $ off total purchases.  It is very easy to create, edit and mange the coupon codes.  This tutorial will show you the steps of creating, managing the coupon codes.

Make your customer happy by offering a coupon and ask them to shop on your Meylah Store!!

New to Meylah!! No problem, open your Meylah store and share your first coupon in minutes with your customers. If you have any questions, feel free to send email to

This Tutorial is Available to view!

Posted by: Ram Dutt

Posted in: tutorials

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1 Karen commented on 05/17/2013

Thanks so much for this new feature! I want to use coupon codes for a marketing campaign soon.

2 Pushpa Jain commented on 06/15/2013

Very helpful! It was easy to follow step by step directions. Thanks!

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