03 Feb 14

NEW Webinar: How to sell digital products on small business trends marketplace

Selling digital products online is huge opportunity. The key to learning how to sell digital downloads is to focus on a specific customer pain point or need. When you narrow your brand, you’ll expand your market and give you the ability to attract a specific audience and increase your sales in the targeted market. Small Business Trends wants to support marketers and trainers to achieve leads and sales in small business market. 

Small Biz Trends helps you to reach small business community over 3million users on a monthly basis. Customers were requesting a single place to find all the amazing products in digital products. To provide a great experience small business trends just launched their own online marketplace to their readers get digital products from great community of marketers and trainers.   Tim Adam, Anita Campbell and Chai Dutt will share the secrets to participating and reaping the benefits of online commerce.

In this upcoming webinar, we will help marketers and trainers to share how to sell their digital products and services on small business trends. You will learn the following:

  • Understand how to go about selling product online by Chai Dutt

  • Why should you sell digital products on small business trends by Anita Campbell

  • Demo & Example – how to sell your products on small business trends by Tim Adam

  • Lots of Q&A

Details for the workshop:

  • Date : 20-Feb-2014

  • Time : 10AM PST/ 12PM CST/ 1PM EST

Register today! If you cannot join live, signup to receive recorded webinars

Posted by: Chaitra Vedullapalli

Posted in: community

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1 David Kuhner commented on 02/05/2014
2 David Kuhner commented on 02/05/2014

Looking forward your webinar.

3 Martin Lindeskog commented on 02/05/2014


I look forward to the webinar!

How big part of the total sales are the digital products on Meylah?

4 Gina Carr commented on 02/07/2014

Looking forward to it.

5 Robert Brady commented on 02/07/2014

Sounds intriguing.

6 Tamara Monosoff commented on 02/09/2014
7 Sandi Holland commented on 02/17/2014

I signed up for the webinar. There was no place to indicate that I may need the recorded version. Will I automatically receive a link to it?

8 chai commented on 02/17/2014

Yes Sandi. You will receive a recorded version of this webinar.

@Martin, we do have a big pool of digital sellers on meylah.

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