01 Oct 12

PayPal Introduces Free Online Invoicing For Small Businesses

Did you know that PayPal now has an invoicing tool so you can create and send invoices or simple payment requests?  It's free, easy and you get paid faster than a traditional invoice.  Plus, online invoicing is a great alternative when you need to receive payment outside of your normal operating procedures. 

PayPal’s invoicing tool offers you the ability to invoice customers and request simple payments through your email.  So, rather than taking the time to manually create and send a paper invoice via snail mail, you can simply login to your PayPal account to easily create and email an online invoice to your customer.  This online feature also allows you to do the following:

  • Create and email professional invoices and simple payment requests
  • Accept credit and debit card payments securely through PayPal
  • Record offline payments like checks or wire transfers
  • Track and manage invoices and payments

Your online invoices can even incorporate taxes or adjust values to difference currencies, making it easier for customers purchasing from other corners of the world through a secure website.  And if necessary, you can even set up payment reminders to automatically follow up with your customers.

To learn more, watch the how-to video from PayPal on creating your first invoice by clicking here.

Have you used PayPal’s invoicing feature to bill customers?  What do you think?

Posted by: Courtney Dirks

Posted in: business management , selling

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