05 Dec 10

Sarah Early's Helpful Tips for Running a Successful Booth

Recently, we connected with a very talented stationary artist, Sarah Early of Dodeline and asked for her insights on how to run a successful booth at art and craft shows.

Sarah shared these 7 amazing tips with us and we wanted to pass them along to you:

  • TIP #1: Specify your booth if you’re given an option.  Get power if possible, and bring lighting because it’s often not light enough for your particular items.
  • TIP #2: Don’t cram your booth so full that you’re angering people next to you - you want to stay on good terms with fellow vendors as much as possible.
  • TIP #3: Sign up for Square.  It’s an app for Iphones and Droids that allows you to take credit cards.  You’ll need internet access, either wifi at the event or 3G or a Mifi, but you’ll get more sales having the ability to take cards.  And definitely make a sign that says you take them, a lot of people will assume you don’t!
  • TIP #4: Bring snacks.  Nuff said.
  • TIP #5: Plan on standing the whole time.  It is really important to be actively involved in your booth – don’t just sit behind it.  Talk people up, but don’t be too obvious about the sales part.  Be funny, be personal, be yourself.
  • TIP #6: Don’t hesitate to change your plan. For example, I ran out of my gift sets in the first hour of a show last week, so I started letting people "make their own" for a special price, and had a lot of success with that.
  • TIP #7: Height is really important in a booth so people can see you from across the show.

In this week alone, Sarah is doing 5 shows!  She’s definitely a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this topic.  To read more about her craft show vending experiences, you should check out one (or all) of her following blogs:

Thanks so much Sarah, we hope you’re recovering well from your busy week!

Posted by: Courtney Dirks

Posted in: community , selling

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1 Sarah - dodeline design commented on 12/05/2010

Hi Courtney,

Wow, thank you, I'm so honored! I hope my tips prove helpful to other vendors :-)

Happy holidays everyone!


2 Chirag commented on 12/05/2010

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for sharing great tips. It is very very helpful for me. I was at the booth yesterday and these tips really helped me.

3 Dionne commented on 12/05/2010

Great post.

I am curious on the Square app. I keep finding mixed reviews. I also can't figure out 'what's the catch'.

Thanks for sharing

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