12 Mar 13

Smart Art Management Series: Selling Your Artwork Takes Variety (Part1)

Almost every artist I know wants to sell their artwork.  Whether it be to collectors via private sales, through galleries, online or in retail stores, they want the pieces that they create to find a home somewhere in the world. 

In order to do this, artists must understand that in today’s world of technology, social media and a strong culture of empowered small business owners, they need to utilize several different outlets to sell their work.

 In my January blog post, I listed ten steps to help artists self-manage their artwork . In step #8 was “Sell your work through various outlets” and I cannot stress this enough. 

Although traditional methods of selling artwork through galleries or by advertising in well-known and well-established art magazines such as Fine Art Connoisseur  and American Art Collector, can and still are vehicles that provide a handful of artists with the exposure to help them be successful, but gone are the days when artists need to totally rely on these methods.  Artists must bring an element of variety to the way that they approach getting their work sold.

Even the owners of traditional galleries and the publishers of fine art magazines realize that the Internet and social media play a role in advertising their businesses and in turn the work of the artists they represent because most of them have websites and/or social media pages/accounts of their own. 

Individual artists need to also take full advantage of the Internet and social media.  Creating a quality website to display an online gallery of artwork, sharing their biography with potential collectors and posting an updated list of where their works are currently being shown are key for an artist to successfully display his/her work online.  In addition to having a website, an online marketplace is a great way for artists to sell their work and reach more people than through traditional methods.    

Meylah (www.meylah.com) has created a cutting-edge technology that allows artists, craftspeople and other small business owners to sell their works, products and services through an easy to use online storefront.  The beauty of being able to use this type of platform to sell from is that it is very inexpensive. 

For no upfront or monthly fees, you can sell 100 items/services and all you have to “pay” is a 2.75% transaction fee when someone purchases from your online store !  It is relatively simple to set-up a storefront but for those of you who need help or do not have the time to set-up your store, for the next two weeks, I am offering my Basic (Meylah) Storefront Set-up Package for just $250 a $50 savings! 

Click if you are interested in this special deal..

There are, of course, several other ways to sell artwork - through retailers, group exhibits and art fairs.  I will write more about those options in one of my upcoming blog posts.  Until then, take care and keep creating!



Visit my Meylah store where you can order various art business organization, writing, and consultation services This month,  I am offering my Basic (Meylah) Storefront Set-up Package for just $250 a $50 savings

Picture Credit : George Jennings

Posted by: Nakeesa Frazier

Posted in: blogging

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