25 Apr 12

Solving The Puzzle Of Selling Online In 4 Simple Pieces

Are you struggling to sell your work online?  Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming trying to understand all the pieces that need to fall into place in this evolving online puzzle. 

Well, we've got the answer for you and the 4 pieces that you need to put in place in order to set yourself up for selling online successfully.  And, the best part is you won't have to pay a dime to put this puzzle together!

Puzzle Piece 1: Open An Online Store

The first piece and most important is to open an online store so customers can view and purchase your products.  There are many options available and we recommend choosing an online store platform that allows you to get started for free so you don't have any upfront costs while you're learning.  Meylah is a great option (yes, we're tooting our horn a bit here), providing artisans with all the tools needed to sell online in a personalized online store and it's all FREE!

Puzzle Piece 2: Get Connected on Social Media

This is the second most important piece of the puzzle is to share your work with your friends and fellow artisans using social media.  Setting up Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts are completely free and will give you 3 unique marketing venues to promote and share your work!

Puzzle Piece 3: Start Blogging

A blog will definitely help boost your online business. Blogging gives you an online platform to share the story about your products and the process you go through to create.  It allows you to teach others about your craft and share your knowledge which lends credibility to your work opens your online store up to a wider audience so you can connect personally with your readers, customers and fellow creatives helping grow your network and your business.

Puzzle Piece 4: Join Your Community & Sell Together

Joining (or building) your community is forth and final piece of the puzzle to selling online.  Joining your peers to sell together and promote one another is the key to your success.  And, Meylah has just made it possible to connect your online store to other online stores and create your own online marketplace so you can sell together with your chosen peers. 

Now, you can have your own niche online marketplace allowing fellow artisans to work together and promote one another while still remaining independent sellers and increasing sales opportunities all around!

Want to learn more?  Just sign up for a free Meylah account and once you're logged in, just click on 'Your Marketplace' to request your invite today!

What puzzle piece do you find most difficult?  We have several resources in our learning center and eBook library to help you put the pieces together and build your business for long-term success.

Posted by: Courtney Dirks

Posted in: blogging , business management , community , marketing , selling , social media

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