08 Mar 11

The Facebook Fan Page Changes You Need To Know About

You’re probably well aware that Facebook has been shaking quite a few things up lately!  So today I’d like to give you an overview, in non-technical terms of the key changes to Facebook pages that you should be aware of as you manage your Facebook fan page, from the new features offered to the modifications in page layout.

New Features

  • Admins are now notified when fans post comments on your page, so you can stay informed of engagement on your page via email rather than constantly logging into Facebook to stay updated.
  • Pages can now “like” other pages.
  • You can now click back and forth between your personal account and your fan page by clicking on the “Use Facebook as …” feature, this feature also enables you to now post comments on other pages as your fan page, no longer limiting you to commenting on other pages from your personal page.  Now, you are able to engage as your brand as long as you “like” the other page first.
  • Posts are no longer in chronological order.  Facebook now filters the content on your page based on an EdgeRank algorithm, which determines the order of posts based on number of interactions, such as likes and comments.  You can click on “most recent” to allow you to see all posts (not filtered) in reverse chronological order and select “hidden posts” to see posts by users that you’ve hidden or that have been filtered out by EdgeRank.
  • There are several new one-click access links to Admin functions that previously required you to go through a series of steps to accomplish.  For instance, you can now easily manage your page Admins from the “See all” function on the right hand column of your page rather than forcing you to go through the old ‘Edit page’ link.


  • Facebook photos are now included at the top of your page.  This is the most obvious change in terms of layout to your page.  Now, your most recent photos will show up on the top of your news feed (either added by the admin or through tagging).  And if you don’t like the images being displayed on the top of your page, you can simply scroll over them and click on the “x” to make them disappear.
  • Tabs are no longer on the top of the page, these links are now located along the left hand side of your page and FBML has been replaced by iFrame tabs for pages.
  • Fan pics are now gone and have been replaced by a simple count of the number of likes for your page.
  • There is no longer an information box under your profile picture.  Folks will now need to click on the information link to access your basic information.

What are your thoughts on all the Facebook changes?  Do you like the new features and layout or do you prefer the older version?

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Posted by: Courtney Dirks

Posted in: business management , social media

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1 ann commented on 03/08/2011

good to know!

2 Janis N. Senungetuk commented on 03/09/2011

There are several things that I'm not thrilled about with this latest change. I want my FB page to take viewers to my website. What worked previously with a FB Badge on my blog is no longer visible. I'd like the posts on my page to stay in the order they were posted. The photos at the top of the page continually change, because as a photographer, I want exposure of new work and want to be able to continue adding images.

3 SewTara commented on 03/13/2011

It's awesome that you can go around commenting as your fan page name. It was weird to suddenly have my real name up there when the people I was speaking to know me from my shop/blog/FB page. I think that part it a great addition.

4 Rania commented on 03/16/2011

Good article, thanks for the info. My main issue with these changes has been the overwhelming amount of email notifications, but thankfully there's a way to stop them! http://blog.hudsonhorizons.com/Article/How-to-Stop-Getting-Constant-Emails-from-Facebook-Fan-Pages.htm

5 antoinette m. brown commented on 03/19/2011

I don't like the new changes if it twere'nt broke why fix it! Leave well enough alone! I just got comfortable using it but now it is a "chore" I can't find my new messages and I dislike old ones being displayed!

6 eardog commented on 04/28/2011

hi! wondering if you or your readers have encountered the same problem i have. i have a blog: http://eardog.com/blog , and a fan page associated with that blog, and of course a personal FB profile. i installed a 'like' button on my blog before the new admin changes for fan pages took place. but i notice now, that if i toggle to the option that allows me to 'Use Facebook As...' my fan page (vs. using FB as me, aka, my personal profile) all my likes on my blog disappear. i've tried to swap out my wordpress 'like' widget but can't seem to find one that works. can't figure out if this is a FB problem, a Wordpress problem or a Widget problem! any advice?

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