09 Feb 10

Top 10 Tips for Writing a Killer "About" Page

When we find handmade products that we want to buy online, we typically don't proceed directly to the checkout. The next stop after browsing is typically the vendor's profile or "about" page: Who are they? Where do they get their ideas? Can they be trusted to fulfill the order?

Writing a compelling, convincing about page can help seal (or squash) the deal.

If you want to sell your craft, art or photography steadily, you will want to give people insight into who you are, your background, achievements and especially your work.

I often come across vendor profile pages that are left blank or about pages that were put together without much thought. So, along with a few great bloggers, I've compiled a list of the top 10 things you should include in your about page to improve your sales and success.

1. Me, myself and I: Writing in the first person (using me, I) will grab your visitors. To really capitvate the people interested in knowing more about YOU, speak to them AS you.

2. State your business, please: A tip from Tara Gentile, editor of Scoutie Girl: "A great about page includes your mission as a business or individual. Your mission should identify what you do, who your site or business is aimed at, and how those people will benefit from your brand. Your mission should also share your unique perspective, what sets you apart from the crowd."

3. You have a horn, so toot it: Note your achievements and accomplishments. If you were featured on a website, have your work in dozens of stores or have a professional designation relevant to your business, say so! People will instantly note that information and your products will become much more appealing to them.

4. Long, medium or short? Adapt the length of your bio to your selling venue:

  • If you are selling with an online marketplace such as Etsy or Artfire, you want to keep it fairly short because the text can't be broken up with photos and other visuals.
  • If you are writing a bio for your blog or website, you can make it longer and more detailed, but it's a good idea to include some visuals to keep it flowing well.   

5. Wear your art on your sleeve: Heather Allard, a baby product inventor and creator of The Mogul Mom says: "If you're a designer or sell products of any kind, your About page offers a great opportunity to connect with visitors on a more personal level and share the story behind the products, what inspired you to create them. It's also another chance to educate them on the features and benefits of the product and how it'll help them."

6. Show people around: Include links to places you'd like readers to visit. For instance, if you'd like someone to join your mailing list or follow you on Twitter, make it easy by ensuring you have hyperlinks set up so they can quickly click and oblige.

7. Let your light shine: Be Positive. Your about page is a huge factor in your business success, so be sure to stay upbeat and inspiring. You want to avoid sounding unsure of yourself, because that will make people unsure about buying from you.

The last three tips are from Julie Corbett, creator of On the Dot Creations and A Fine Tooth Comb.

8. Say Cheese: "Include a fun photo. Set up a tripod or ask a family member to help, and take several shots of yourself.  Remember that a genuine smile attracts the eye, and if you look like you're having fun, your readers will be drawn to your positive energy."

Tip from Justine: Remember the three C's when using a shot of yourself: clear, current and captivating.

9. Do you prefer running or sleeping? "Be personable. Visitors read your about page to get to know you, so be honest and candid.  List any hobbies that pertain to your site, mention your family, or any other details that help your readers feel more connected to you."

10. Be available: "Provide a way for your readers to contact you. Make it easy for them to contact you by email or by using a contact form.  I love Wufoo's free contact forms that you can embed in your site."

But, it's not all about us. Share your tips and tricks for writing an about page!

Justine Smith is an Etsy success story who used her experience selling online and turned it into a full-time wholesale business. Her real passion is helping handmade sellers find success marketing their craft products. She offers tips on advertising, branding, social media and growth via email through her blog Handmade Marketer.

Main photo courtesy of Marco Arment.

Posted by: Justine Smith

Posted in: business management

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1 Barbra commented on 02/09/2010

It not only turns me off but even away if I can’t read a decent profile. It makes me feel if they can’t take the time and share, why should I care or even buy. Sometimes a good profile is even inspiring. Great post!

2 Kim commented on 02/09/2010

Great tips! Thank you!

3 Robyn commented on 02/09/2010

its one of the hardest things to do, thank you for breaking it down into manageable bits.

4 Stephen commented on 02/09/2010

Thanks for the great article. Such helpful information.

5 Kristin commented on 02/09/2010

I love it when a profile shows some personality! But even if it’s just the basics (I know some people struggle over what to write, but I think your post will help!) that is so much better than being blank. If it’s blank, for some reason I just don’t trust the person!

6 Katerina commented on 02/09/2010

Really helpful tips, thank you. I will now re-read my pages through this lens.

7 Marla commented on 02/09/2010

As usual, another excellent article by Justine. Thanks so much.

8 tonya commented on 02/09/2010

good stuff!

9 Xmittens commented on 02/09/2010

Great tips- thanks!

10 Audrey commented on 02/09/2010

Outstanding article!!!
Audrey of
AudreyGardenLady at etsy

11 Anne commented on 02/09/2010

Great tips! I’m going to update and improve my “about us” page right now!!

12 Hazel Wollbrinck commented on 02/09/2010

Great info, thank you for sharing !!

13 Cindy commented on 02/09/2010


Thank you for taking the time to share your marketing knowledge – much appreciated.

14 naughtymonkeys commented on 02/09/2010

Fabulous information and so true. It’s really great to make a connection with someone by reading an interesting “About Me” page. Thanks for highlighting how important it is!

15 Patrick - The Norsk Woodshop commented on 02/09/2010

Great tips Justine! I updated my bio page a bit based on your feedback but I think I still need to spend some more quality time. Thanks!

16 Terra commented on 02/09/2010

Thank you for your article. I have so little on my website in the about me section because I had no idea what or how much to write. This will help me to go back and edit a great about me page.

17 Denise commented on 02/09/2010

Thank you for info. I am going to review my profile and make some changes.

18 Heather Allard commented on 02/09/2010


Well done – these are such great tips! I love Wufoo too (especially how they came up with the name, which of course I found out on their About page! LOL!).


19 Eva from zafrán commented on 02/09/2010

Hi Justine

Just printed out your post so I can read it through tomorrow on my way to work. This comes right in time, since I’m in the middle of a huge make-over to my Etsy shop. Thanks!

20 Cattie commented on 02/09/2010

Great tips. I find that the hardest thing when writing anything is to come across like the person that I really am. I can be quite funny in person (if I may say so), but for some reason it’s really hard to be that same person on paper.

21 Theresa commented on 02/09/2010

Thank you so much for the wonderful info and the terrific examples! I’ll be keeping this in mind as I re-write my bio/about me pages!

22 Justine Smith commented on 02/09/2010

Thanks for all the lovely comments!

@Kristin – I completely know what you mean about ‘trust’. You want to show people who you are in order to make them want to work with/buy from you and trust is huge.

Another thing I am realizing is that many people are just starting out. They don’t know how to create an about page on their blog or even that they can customize a profile on a site like Etsy. So we have to remember that too!

@Cattie – Just be yourself! Your humour will shine through and people will like that. If you have something offbeat you want to say, GO FOR IT! Be bold because kindred spirits will find, like and follow you, ya know?

23 Michelle Harvey commented on 02/09/2010

Great tips justine. I need to go and revise my about us page! Thank you!

24 Dionne_C commented on 02/10/2010

Great tips and advice! It really does help when sellers seem more approachable – and the personal touches really do achieve that.

25 Judy Leila Schafers Fine Art commented on 02/10/2010

Always been a little shy about ‘tooting my own horn’ but now I can see how important it is to share a bit about myself in order to make people feel a bit more comfortable.
Thanks for the great post! Most helpful.

26 Lacygems commented on 02/11/2010

After all that useful information I am gong to take a serious look at my profile page. Thanks so much!!!

27 Rhondasoriginals commented on 02/11/2010

Great stuff! Thanks!

28 La Casa Mexicana commented on 02/22/2010

Believe it or not, tip #1 has helped me the most! Me and my mama run an online retail store together where we sell Mexican artesania. But I never know how to talk since it’s “we.” But I think I have it figured out now and I’m off to update that not-so-killer about page!

29 SewDanish commented on 07/05/2010

Great article! I've been wanting to do a propeer 'about me' page on my blog for ages. This article has given me the inspiration to actuall get it done. Thanks :-)

30 MCatherine commented on 09/18/2010

Hi Justine,
This is a terrific list of 'action driven' tips. Thank you so very much. I think I've improved things already for http://hideaheart.etsy.com

31 Sarah commented on 01/10/2011

Thanks so much for posting this! I just went to Pieceful Joy's facebook page and updated the info! It can be a bit daunting trying to figure out what to put in all those blanks but your advice has made it manageable!

Thanks a bunch,

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