10 Aug 11

Recipes for Personal & Professional Success

Do you ever feel like your mind is overflowing from creative enthusiasm and energy?  This is exactly the feeling the team at Meylah walked away with after leaving the Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs this past weekend in San Francisco, California. 

Having the opportunity to rub shoulders with creative gurus such as Jeffery Ruddell of Craftstylish, Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made, Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod, Danielle Maveal of Etsy, and so many more incredibly talented and amazing folks for 3 consecutive days left our team feeling absolutely inspired!

With that said, we wanted to pass along some of the wisdom and insights provided by keynote speaker, Jeff Rudell in his welcome address.  Ruddell urged each of us to create our own unique recipes (guiding principles) for our lives and businesses and was kind enough to share his personal recipe for success (which will definitely plant seeds in your mind to create your own):

Use What You Know

Use your existing skill set and knowledge to your advantage.  You don’t always have to start over from scratch when you’re beginning a new endeavor, leverage your current strengths.

Say Yes (Often)

Don’t let lack of experience scare you away.  Know your boundaries, but don’t be afraid to say “Yes” when opportunities come your way.  Each time you say yes, you’re opening doors for future opportunities and experiences and if you’re committed, you will find a way to overcome obstacles along the way.

Have More than 1 Idea

Don’t put “all your eggs in one basket.” Be armed with multiple ideas and be adaptable and things will begin to fall in place.

Surprise People

Catch folks off guard by doing great things to shock them, like thank you notes when they least expect them.  Surprising people (in good ways) will remind them that you’re an invaluable asset that stands out from the crowd.

Love Your Clients

Have empathy for your clients.  Be flexible and work hard to provide them with what they need while make a lasting, positive impression.

Keep Creating

Do what you love and challenge yourself to continue creating interesting things that people have never seen before.  People are always hungry to find the next new and undiscovered thing!

Get Paid

Make sure you get paid for your work, enough said!  Even if it's not being paid through financial reward, make sure you are benefiting from the work you're doing, albeit PR, experience, connections or other!

We felt Jeff’s speech truly embodied the spirit of the conference and after reading his recipe, we hope you will take the initiative to create your own recipe for personal and professional success.  Tell us about it, what mottos have you adopted? Are you interested in attending the Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs next year?

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1 Chari commented on 08/10/2011

Another great article!

I have a big opportunity that I think the devil is trying to make me quit!

Thanks for the reminder!



2 Carla commented on 08/10/2011

I was fortunate to attend the first day, if you ever get a chance to see Jeffrey speak, do!
Along the lines of "yes" he said something like "Yes equals growth" and I think that's right. Its so easy to almost be afraid of success, the great unknown, but just do it, you will prolly learn something and it really wont be so scary!
Thank for the post!

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