05 Sep 11

Why Professional Product Photos Can Make or Break Your Business

The product photos on your website will influence a new customer’s first impression of your product. Online shopping removes the ability to get up close and turn the product around in their hands. Having professional-looking product photos (whether you take them yourself or hire a professional photographer) will return some of that versatility to your customers’ online shopping experience.

Professional product photography can be one of the larger expenses of your online store, unless you know how to take professional quality photos. Amateur photos are easy to spot, and will make your store look more like a hobby and less like a business. Professional photographers have spent years learning the skills they need to understand how to work with light, angles and space.

If you don’t know how or don’t have the equipment to take professional looking photos, hiring a photographer might be a good idea. Before hiring a photographer, ensure she has done product photography before. This may seem like a fine distinction, but itʼs not. Someone who is adept at shooting portraits may know little about product photography. Ask to see a portfolio of product shots and see a range of options before making a decision.

Try to find a photographer that has worked with a product like yours before, and have examples of product shots you like on hand for your meeting. These examples might do a better job of describing your technical needs that you can.

Think about where youʼd like the photos taken. Does an outdoor shoot suit your product, or is a seamless backdrop necessary? Discuss your location ideas and needs with the photographer, but be open to his ideas as he will know how a given location and time of day will affect the photos. Also, keep in mind that if you plan on reaching out to the press for coverage of your products, most editors and writers will request high-resolution images of your products on a white background.

If your product is clothing and you’d like to shoot it on models, the photographer may be able to hire them for you. Keep in mind, each additional person brought to the shoot will add time and money to the final cost.

Excellent photography is one of the easiest way to sets the tone for your store, and tell your customer that you are committed to quality.

Andreea Ayers works with creative entrepreneurs to help them get media attention for their products and to increase sales by getting their products in stores. For advice, insight and lots of free resources, check out AndreaAyers.com.

Main image courtesy of Evan Mitchell.

Posted by: Andreea Ayers

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1 Zee commented on 02/06/2012

You have really strong points you make about creating values for online advertisements. I would agree product shot can capture your audience or drive them away from your site. It is important to think about what message you want to send to the customers.

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