02 May 12

Your Business (& Life) Evolution In 3 Steps

We're not going to start this post out by telling you how difficult it is to change, how to do it, or when the right time is for your evolution to happen. You already know. It’s up to you. It’s completely an individual experience.

What we are going to talk about today is how to evolve your life and your business every single day. So simply, so easily…you might not even realize you’re doing it.  Three little steps, that’s it.  If you can fit one thing, only one tiny thing, you did during your day into one of these 3 steps then you’re serving your evolution, baby! Doesn’t this seem so much easier?

All right, so let’s get to it...

Step 1: Be Ready

I firmly believe that it all starts with you. Nurture yourself. Hone you craft.  Keep learning. Sleep enough, eat enough, and spend time away from your work.  Set limits. Know your end game. You would be surprised at how all of these things can put the wind in your sails (even the stuff that’s not “work”). The time you spend honing your craft could push open a whole new door for your business.  Relaxation offers the best way to generate fresh ideas & inspiration.  Fill your days with creative discipline that serves you, not mindless habits.

Step 2: Listen To Your Gut

Intuition is a heavily underused tool.  The best way to develop it?  Just be open & in the moment, each and every day.  Recognize that every person you interact with is a potential client; that email you send tomorrow morning could be the break you’ve been looking for; every package that goes out with your name on it is an opportunity to make a fabulous impression. Once you start seeing these opportunities all around you, you can really start leaning in to those gut feelings that will guide you down the right path.

Step 3: Just Go

Overthinking can be the death of any great idea, and any great entrepreneur for that matter. We all get too easily caught up in doing things the “right” way, being as “good” as our peers, and fearing “failure.” I say, start thinking like a 3 year old. No, really. Did you ever notice how kids try everything & don’t care if they fall down, get messy, or don’t like it? So, just go and find your inner three-year-old.

The evolution of your business (and life, for that matter) does not have to be one monumental, sweeping shift in your existence.  Small actions DO make a big impact.

Megan Gallagher is a small-business strategist working with creative indiepreneurs at Method & Madness.  She talks business development, creative vision, and indie lifestyle through one-on-one strategy sessions, e-guides, and the Method & Madness blog.

Main image courtesy of Digo_Souza

Posted by: Megan Gallagher

Posted in: business management

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1 Coleen Akers commented on 05/02/2012

Great advice, thanks!

2 Veronika Marosy commented on 05/11/2012

Very nice advice. Short, but right on the point.
Thank you for sharing it!

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