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Infant Sizes Sasha Lounge Pants Sewing Pattern Instructions 0/3, 3/6, 6/9, 12 months

Learn how to make a lounge pants

08 Dec 10

Infant Sizes Sasha Lounge Pants Sewing Pattern Instructions 0/3, 3/6, 6/9, 12 months

Sasha Lounge Pants Pattern

No frills here, just comfort and simple style.

This pattern contains sizes 0/3, 3/6, 6/9 & 12 months

This tutorial consists of the printable leg pattern and step by step instructions along with helpful pictures.

The pattern is suitable for beginners.  You will need to have basic sewing skills to complete this tutorial.  A serger is great for finishing the fabric edges but if you do not have one you can use a simple tight zigzag stitch on a regular sewing machine.

Ebooks are pdf form.  You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view it.  The free Adobe Reader download is provided here.

Be sure to save your ebook to your computer and to disk or portable usb storage in case your computer fails.

Please understand that due to the electronic nature of this item we can not offer refunds or exchanges.

Copyright of this pattern belongs to Romeo and Mae.  You may sell the items you've created using this ebook.  You may not resell, distribute or share the actual ebook itself, including the tutorial instructions, measurements or pattern pieces in any form. You also may not alter the pattern, instructions or photos and claim them as your own.

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Posted by: Jennifer Olivas

Posted in: Clothing , Photography Props

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