Bracelet For Men Genuine Rare Ruby Brecciated Jasper "Love" in 10 MM Beads

Bracelet For Men Genuine Rare Ruby Brecciated Jasper "Love" in 10 MM Beads

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Bracelet For Men "Love"is made of genuine rare ruby brecciated jasper 10 mm beads and excellently paired with silver plated antiqued copper Ccb 12X12 mm Beads. 

Its one bracelet and you can have two different looks. Wear it with the metal showing or wear it with the metal not showing.

For connoisseurs of male genuine semi-precious gemstone bracelets here’s a new one for you. A’Nena presents you with an: ample, impeccable, strand of elegance, for your approval and for you to choose from so your timepiece can have a companion worthy of its status. It blends very well with your existing silver jewelry and transitions seamlessly from work to play. 

Please include your desired wrist size in inches, thank you, and colors vary because they are natural gemstones. Speedy delivery, Excellent customer service, and quality materials.

Affirmation Concept:
There comes a point in your life when you realize that you can no longer do what others want you to do, you must instead follow your own path that leads to loving yourself. Whether it is a relationship where the other person forces you to feel a way you just don't, feel or a career that your heart is no longer into. One day you grow into a new way of "Love " for yourself, and you become gentle with yourself and others while you follow your path and when you do follow your path one day you will see many new doors opening for you because you closed doors that were open but you just could not walk through because you wanted something more for yourself. It's ok to grow and change your mind and to follow your own path that leads to love.


Today I will love myself and others in a manner that is authentic to who I am.

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