“Focused, Energetic and Grounded”

“Focused, Energetic and Grounded”

An energetic mixture of colors; perfect for you.




Thank you so very much for your interest in :“Focused, Energetic  and Grounded” Mens Bracelet By ANena Jewelry . It is an outstanding  combination of colors that compliment and balance each other. The Imperial Jasper with its Royal blue, light blue and biege shade is warm and exciting and  Grounding shades of brick red of the brecciated jasper give it a warm and inviting feel. Gorgeous semi-precious gemstones,

I handmade ““Focused, Energetic  and Grounded” for you from:

Genuine Imperial Jasper, Brecciated Jasper and Sterling Silver with love and care.

Please include your wrist length so I can make it to fit you perfectly.

The Measurements for the gems are :

Imperial Jasper 8 mm

Brecciated Jasper 8  mm

Sterling Silver 4 mm


Please include the  measurements of your wrist


Some are drawn to Imperial Jasper because they feel a sense of reduction in insecurity and they feel a sense of protection, hope and optimism. Others are captivated by Brecciated Jasper  because they feel a sense of strength and vitality or  mental clarity and focus  I was drawn to it because the combination of  Imperial Jasper and Brecciated Jasper  makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.  I hope it brings you peace and relaxation too.


Unique, Beautiful, One of a kind and handmade especially for you with Love-ANena Jewelry


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