Sandy Dell is a successful independent sales representative, working in the gift and gourmet food industries since January of 2001. In that capacity, she’s called on over 1200 gift retailers, turning 450+ into customers, while representing up to 45 gift and gourmet producers at a time.

She is also co-owner, with her husband, of Gourmet Innovations LLC, a manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of gourmet foods and gift.  Sandy also manages multiple retail and wholesale web sites in the gift and gourmet food niche.

Sandy also authors and maintains several social media site and blogs, and has submitted articles to several different industry sites.

Sandy is an experienced sales person, working previously at Roos Atkins, Abercrombie & Fitch, World Book Encyclopedia, and Avon, where she won multiple awards. She also has a technical degree in Merchandising and three years of retail management experience, including positions as manager for a Hastings book department and a woodworkers co-operative.

With Sandy's many years of sales experience as a sales rep and as a retail manager, as well as her involvement with the gourmet food business, has given her a very unique perspective in the gift and gourmet food industry.

"I have been on both sides of the counter", she tells her buyers. More than that, she understands the needs of the producer and the gift buyer and knows how to communicate to both groups!

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I hope you find lots of resources to help you along in your growing business. We want you to succeed, so our eGuides have a 100% money back guarantee:

90 Day Guarantee for Selling to Gift Shops

READ the eGuides. Put the information to work in your business, and if you do not find some tips to help your business grow within 90 days, ask for your money back, and I will CHEERFULLY refund your full purchase price.

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From Karen Borga, Signs of Angels

"I created my first product, and had no idea what to do with it. Sandy’s blog and e-books helped me step-by-step through the whole process to getting them on the shelves! I used her price structure, web advice, and when it came to my first trade show… her e-book became a bible." 

"Following the one of her many tips, we dressed as Angels and included our trade show booth number on the back of our wings. We were a great success, and now people take photos of us at the shows!"

"Sandy Dell is a Gift From Heaven!"

"If you are just starting out, Sandy’s books are invaluable!"

From Andreea Ayers, Launch Grow Joy

If you're looking for insider knowledge on how to work with sales reps for your product line, Sandy's eGuide is a must.

I wish I’d read it when I had my t-shirt line. It would have helped me to navigate and understand the world of sales reps better.

I really love the specific advice on how to find sales reps and how to exactly work with them to maximize sales.

It's not easy to find a sales rep that is a good fit, but Sandy manages to explain how it all works for maximum benefits to everyone involved.

From Andrea Butter, A Patch of Shade

I read Sandy's e-guide "How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps" after 3 1/2 years of managing reps, and can say that despite this experience I still learned from Sandy's guide.

This is a very good and thorough overview of everything one needs to know on the topic. I look forward to deploying her strategies for finding and managing new reps for my company's expansion into new markets."

From Clayton Kort, Corks Reborn

"I just downloaded the books and bonus materials, read the tables of contents and skimmed thru the books. This may be the best money we have spent in growing our business." 

"I am up to the section where you describe making sales calls. So far the materials have been very affirming on pricing, and encouraging on many other issues."

"We are ready to move from craft shows to wholesale but have struggled with finding a mentor or even just a knowledgeable person who can point us in the right direction."

"A lot of what I see in your materials speak directly to the questions that we have.  I am looking forward to studying them further."

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