Christian. Mom. Wife. Daughter. Business Owner. Serious Crafter.  Born in Chicago, raised most of my life in St. Charles, MO. Went to Saint Louis University and graduated with a degree in Bus. Mgt with a concentration in Entreprenuership and an certificate in African American Studies. Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Created an awesome pottery painting studio in Saint Louis, along with my sorority sister. We had a decent run, lasted almost 4 years in a pretty tough economy. Married to a stud muffin who is the perfect husband and father! Proud & lucky mother of baby Chase who is now 2!  Love him to death and most of my life revolves around him. I love and cherish every moment of it! I also have two very beautiful step daughters! I'm currently in the thought process of pursuing law school. I've also began work on a non profit focusing on developing leadership development and life skills to at risk middle school aged girls within the St. Louis Metro area. I love anything CRAFT! I love to CREATE! I love to make people SMILE! That's me!

Store Policies

Store Policy


Any image downloaded from this site can only be used for personal or small business use.  They are not to be used on mass print production and are NOT to be transferred to another user in any way.  These images are not to be placed on any object for the use of reselling.  Meaning, you cannot place my digital clipart items on t-shirts, mugs or any other print on demand service or product(s) without the sole expressed consent of Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe!

Please feel free to use on your personal invitations, cards, stationary, personal flyers etc.  If you have any questions on use please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at sewprettydollshoppe@gmail.com.  Thanks so much, and please keep in mind and respect all of the hard work that went into all of my designs.

Coming Soon Doll Patterns!


Welcome to the Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe!  Thanks for your inquiry.  Please see the below Q & A!  If you should have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at sewprettydollshoppe@gmail.com  Thanks!

Q. Am I allowed to sell my work created from my Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe pattern?  Are there any restrictions?

A. Sure! There are a few rules that you are required to abide by when doing so.

First, anything created from our patterns are not to be mass produced.  The definition of mass produced is: To produce or manufacture (goods) in large quantities, especially by machinery. It is kind of an ambiguous statement, but if you shall have any questions about mass production,  please feel free to inquire at sewprettydollshoppe@gmail.com Basically, you are not authorized to set up shop or in a factory and mass produce dolls that were created from your Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe Pattern.

Q. Where am I authorized to sell, and how many?

A. You can sell, list and create as many dolls that you want from your Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe pattern.  Just as long as the dolls are being created by the purchaser of the pattern and that each item created is credited to being created by a Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe pattern.   You must also provide a direct link to either SewPrettyDollShoppe.blogspot.com, My Etsy Shop or my Meylah Shop.  You can also sell at various craft shows and markets. Please be sure to provide proper credit to Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe on your tags that your doll was created using a Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe Pattern.

It is illegal under US copyright law, to sell or distribute (electronically e.g. via e-mail, hardcopy e.g. printed) any Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe Pattern(s). 

Copyright Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Q. What type of alterations are acceptable?

A. Alterations will be permitted as long as you credit Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe by providing a link to one of my acceptable links.  Patterns are not to be replicated in any form.  Many long hard nights and hours have gone into the creations of my patterns.  Please respect all the hardwork that has gone into our dolls and patterns by giving Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe credit to any pattern used.  Again, if you shall have any questions about anything please shoot me an e-mail to sewprettydollshoppe@gmail.com Thanks!!   

Q. What do I need in order to view and print my downloaded pattern.

A.  It is very easy to download and print my patterns.  All you need is an Adobe Acrobrat Reader.  It is free!!  You can find Adobe Reader at www.adobe.com.  You will need to make sure you print your Sew Pretty Doll Shoppe pattern on 8 ½” x 11” (A4) sized paper. 



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