About Meylah

Meylah is an ecommerce marketplace hosting platform.

Meylah’s vision is to power an eco-system of connected affinity-based online markets in which businesses will thrive and provide a strong foundation for global economy.

Today, over 65% of small businesses don’t have an e-commerce solution and over 58% don’t have a social media presence, while nearly 60% of consumers shop online. Meylah is designed to give businesses the edge they need to compete in today’s marketplace and to give consumers a place to support local and global businesses through their online purchases.

Our Values

  • Be Committed to Helping Each Other
  • Smile and Have Fun
  • Give Before You Take
  • Foster Dynamic Learning
  • Do More with Less
  • Live and Breathe Creativity
  • Show Passion in All That You Do
  • Together We Create a Great Experience
  • Be Humble and Honest
  • Embrace Change

Our Partners:

We believe that together we create great experiences. To achieve our grand vision, we partner with great companies to create the best ecosystem so our members can thrive.