Marine Synchronicity

Marine Synchronicity

Oil on Canvas, 16x20"




If you pear out toward the ocean anytime, from where I live, you can see a seemingly endless expanse. 

The ocean extends for as far as the eye can see. I never tire of seeing the waves smashing upon the rocks, the calls of seagulls ringing in my ears, and the breathtaking sunsets as the sun escapes beneath the horizon. For me, the ocean and my province of Newfoundland, is an endless source of inspiration. 
Frequent boat-rides out on the ocean and walks along the beaches are my favourite parts of the summer. This is where the inspiration for this painting came from. While out jigging for cod seagulls often swarm around our little boat. They fly from one end to the other, always in a very chaotic pattern, but never in synchronicity. 

Well, almost never.. this day they did. I snapped the shot with my camera, and expanded on the theme in my studio. 

The idea is that all nature was once in complete synchronicity. Because of global warming and whole species being wiped out, the marine ecosystem is being disrupted at a fast pace. We have been feeling the effects here in the past few years with warmer winters and cooler summers. It almost seems like one year long season instead of four! 

So, this surreal painting Marine Synchronicity speaks of a time past, only in our imagination when the entire ecosystem was in complete harmony. 

TITLE: "Marine Synchronicity" 
MEDIUM: Oil Painting on Canvas 
SIZE: 16' X 20"
SHIPPING: FREE within the Canada Shipping will occur within 2 weeks of order. Please contact me for information on international shipping. 

Copyright Graham Matthews, 2012

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