Creative Children for Charity Workshop @ my school


Creative Children for Charity Workshop @ my school


My special gift to my friends


I wanted to give a special Valentine's gift for my friends, my teacher and my mom and I decided to do a Creative Children for Charity (3C) workshop at my class.

Last Friday, we did the 3C workshop, at my school, in my class. The project was titled “Hearts” representing love and care for our loved ones.

26 friends of mine participated and spent over 2 hours together to create special hearts for their parents. We used technologies such as the MS PowerPoint; Animoto Video, Meylah’s Byte-Syze Learning tutorial and Art techniques on real canvas using acrylic paints.

I showed my friends Byte Syze Learning tutorial that shows step by step instruction to create their masterpieces. They loved the idea of taking little steps to create their masterpiece. The best part was that all of my 26 friends were doing it together at the same pace. No one was left behind and everyone completed their painting at the same time. This made them proud and accomplished.

  • You can checkout the video that I created with my mom to share the experience of the workshop. It was a fantastic workshop and all my friends had fun.
  • Download the presentation we used to explain the program and what kids get when they participate in 3C program

I want to thank Mrs. Beck and Mr.S to let us do a fantastic workshop with my friends and helping us to nurture our creativity. Both of you ROCK!  I am very fortunate to be part of FCES and Mrs. Becks Wolf Pack :)

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