Firey Elk

Firey Elk

Fiery Elk - A Story about seeking help when you need it. Don’t be shy! on 24X36 Canvas




Firey Elk –Seek Help When You Need It. Don't be Shy!

This Christmas, I am offering 150 dollars off for short time.

The Story

On a warm July 31st, a herd of elk were grazing nearby without a single care of what was happening around them. Then the alert call from the leader of the herd sends all the elks to stop eating and figure out where they threat is, the see a mountain lion that is watching them.

Suddenly, the mountain lion springs into action making all the elks panic. During this panic, one of the younger elk named James got separated from his herd while running for his life. While he is running as fast as the wind he gets his front right foot stuck in a mole hole and falls down. This fall fractured a small part of his leg which caused him a lot of pain. The good news is he was not attacked. Since James is still scared he keeps on running, he separates himself from his tribe.

 After many painful days of walking and being very lonely James decides to make leaf bed to sleep at for the night. It usually takes a regular deer 30 min to make a bed but it took the whole day for James because of his fractured foot. When he put his head on the bed of leaves, he immediately slept.

The sounding of crunching leaves wakes him up. He sees a small herd of elks but they don’t see him. James knows he really needs help. He makes a distressed cry which makes other elks to come towards him to help him. As the Elks come closer, James leg starts to magically heal and helps him recover from the pain. James thanks all the elks and joins the new tribe of elk. James shares his story and prepares the new tribe to learn ways to fight mountain lions.

The moral of the story is “Seek help when you need it. Don’t be shy”

How did I do this painting!

I did this painting on 24X36 canvas. I used many layers of bright red, blue, green and yellow colors to get the effect using acrylics.

What will I do if this painting sells:

I create my paintings to help kids at children's hospital. All the proceeds will be donated to Seattle Children's Hospital.  You can either purchase or share this post with your friends. Please help me to give help to kids this christmas!



Store Policies

First off, THANK YOU so much for visiting Chirag's Art Gallery!  My passion is to foster compassion and my community through my art and painting.

I want to make sure your experience at my store is a great one.  My goal is to ship out any orders within 72 business hours.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order(s), please contact me and I will do my best to work through any issues you are experiencing.  Also, I'm open to doing custom orders if I feel I can deliver on your requests, just shoot me an email and we can brainstorm together!

Again, thank you for swinging by, hope you have a great day.  Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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