Flying South - A Magical Moment

Flying South - A Magical Moment

Submitted for a competition - A magical moment is when something spectacular happens in the most unexpected place.




I submitted this painting for an art competition. Let me know what you think.

Story in 100 words!!

A magical moment is when something spectacular happens in the most unexpected place. I experienced my magical moment at Tiger Mt Trail. After the long hike I decided to enjoy the sunset. I sat and watched the sky turn from bright blue to bright orange. As I was ready to leave a burst of wind touched my neck.  Thousands of birds flew over me and created beautiful formations. I was mesmerized at how wonderfully all the elements came together. I realized as long as you keep your eyes open there is a magical moment every day


You can only purchase a reprint of this painting. I will get it reprinted on a 12X16 canvas and ship it within 72 hours.

If you want to commission me to create a magical moment for your life, send me an email at

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