Space Needle at Night

Space Needle at Night

Signature painting of Space Needle through the eyes of a child. 12X48 canvas.





This painting is my view on how I saw the Space Needle when the sun was setting behind the faraway hills of Mercer Island.  On that day when we were at Seattle, the sky reflected the evening sun with vibrant reds and oranges. The evening sky was lit up with bright colors and it made the Space Needle glow in the night.

I decided to paint this experience. To give you a quick background, Space Needle is an iconic building in Seattle. The Space Needle was built for the 1962 world fair. When it was built it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River.

At Space Needle, there are lots of artisans who showcase their art, a cool kids area to play, an EMP museum to visit and the most cool thing for me is to be on top of the space needle to see 360 degree view of the Seattle city. The restaurant on top of space needle is revolving and it is a fun experience to have dinner with your family.

Back to my story, when the sky was lit up with bright colors, the space needle was beautiful and gorgeous.  When you looked at it, it made the entire family to share their perspectives and filled the environment with happy energy. I loved it! This moment was so memorable, I will never forget it!

Hope you enjoy this painting and see Space Needle with a new perspective. I recommend everyone who comes to Seattle should make a visit and relish it.

How did i do this painting!

I did this painting on 12X48 canvas. I used many layers of bright red, purple, orange, blue and yellow colors to get the effect. I use acrylics to paint all my paintings.

What will i do if this painting sells:

I created this painting to support Showcase Seattle's mission. All the proceeds will be donated to Showcase Seattle efforts.  You can either purchase or share this post with your friends. This is part of the rainbow series.

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