ShopLocal Kirkland Marketplace: Consultation & Solution Offer Listing Service.

A white-glove assistance to set up your storefront, design creatives essential for your storefront, consult on digital commerce strategy, and publish your products or services to the Meylah store & Shop Local Kirkland marketplace.

Book 1:1 Session

About the White-Glove Assistance Service

Meylah’s white-glove assistance service empowers Kirkland merchants and business owners to publish their products, services and offers to Meylah Store and ShopLocal Kirkland Marketplace in days instead of weeks. We will work closely with you to navigate the various digital transformation stages and get you started with digital commerce. ​

Merchant Benefits

eCommerce consultation: A one-on-one dedicated session to identify your eCommerce business model and product offerings.

Product Listing Review: Review your product offer content & creatives to reduce your publishing time.

White-glove assistance service: List 10 products in days and your solution offer in the ShopLocal Kirkland marketplace.

Recommend: Techniques to leverage digital marketing assets and campaigns to attract customers and reduce your ecommerce marketing costs.

Key Results

On average, merchants will reduce publishing time by 50% and
expedite eCommerce store development by 60%.

It is simple enough to set up an online shop on our own. The process was simple and quick. The white-glove assistance we got was on point that we could create and publish a beautiful online store seamlessly.

Book 1:1 Session

Our team will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps