How Meylah Works

1. How does it work?

The first thing you need to do to create your online store is Sign Up for an account with Meylah and the best part is itʼs FREE to start! Signing up is super easy! Just click on the Start Selling button at www.meylah.com and select the level of service that fits your needs. Then, just follow the three simple steps to fill in the information necessary to set up your account. You can visit www.meylah.com and find our pricing page and select the level of service that fits your needs. Once you have finished the sign up process, you’re ready to get started. The first thing you’ll want to do is add content to your store…this can be listing your products, writing a blog post, or even creating a tutorial. Once you have published your content, be sure and share it with your friends, family and community and let them know you're open for business.
If you need any assistance, we are here to help! We have a ton of useful resources including our blog and learning center with hundreds of articles and tutorials on selling online, blogging, using social media, growing your community and many more. We also have a 4-week eCourse for all members and a free eBook Series to help you build your business for long-term success.
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2. How do I sign up?

Signing up is super easy and the best part is it's FREE! To sign up, visit www.meylah.com and click on the Start Selling button. From there you can select the level of service that fits your needs and we will walk you through a simple registration process for you to fill in the information necessary to set up your account. If you need more help signing up visit this online tutorial
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3. How much does it cost?

This is the best part…it's FREE! You can visit www.meylah.com and click on the Start Selling button. From there, you can select the level of service that fits your needs. All costs are based on a monthly subscription and there are no hidden fees or contracts so you can cancel at anytime without any risk.
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4. What does Meylah do?

Meylah provides an easy to use solution for any artisan to launch their business online. We take care of all the technology so you can focus on your passion and build your business. Meylah makes it so anyone can run their business online by providing all the resources to easily understand how to successfully manage a business online.
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5. What can you do with Meylah?

By using Meylahʼs solution, you can easily sell your products directly from your own store. You can write blog posts and connect with your potential customers and your community through integrated social media channels. You can teach your special skills and knowledge through easy to create online tutorials and even sell them. And finally, you can also manage all the aspects of your business in a very user friendly and easy to use admin section of your store.
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6. What do I need to start selling?

You only need two things to start selling. First, you need products to sell and second, a Paypal account so you can collect payments. From there, make sure you brainstormed what you would like to name your business to be so you can create a logo or banner for your store and of course there are many things you will want to do later, but thatʼs it to get started…simple as that!
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7. Do I need to know programming or HTML skills to create my store?

No, you do not need to have any HTML skills or understand computer programming to create a store. Meylah is so easy to use that if you know how to write and send an email, youʼll be able to create your own Meylah store in minutes!
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8. Can I migrate my current blog into Meylah?

At the moment, you cannot migrate your current blog into Meylah although you can integrate a link or web banner to your blog from your Meylah store embedded code tabs. And, you can always just write blog posts directly from your Meylah store since it too is a blog.
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9. Where can I find tips & tutorials on using Meylah?

To find tips and tutorials on how to use Meylah, please visit Meylahʼs Learning Center where you will find all of our articles and tutorials on using Meylah. These tutorials will walk you through all the various ways you can use Meylah to build your online business using Meylahʼs platform.
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10. How do I find other Meylah members?

Currently, you can find and connect with other Meylah members through our Marketplace, on Meylahʼs fan page on Facebook, you can also connect through Meylahʼs Flickr page, Encounters of the Creative Kind with Meylah or through Meylah on Twitter.
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