Engraved Decorative Vintage Ornate Frames Digital Clip Art - Antique Elegant Motif 10218


Engraved Decorative Vintage Ornate Frames Digital Clip Art - Antique Elegant Motif 10218


Old World Ornaments and Curve Leaf Flourishes are great as Motif and Page Decoration.


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Gorgeous digital clip art collection of 9 pieces! These engraved ornate antique frames digital clip art - decorative vintage royal elegant ornaments and curve leaf flourish great as Page Decoration or Motif. Illustrations are beautiful and intricate. Excellent for making ...

Bridal Shower Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Photographer frames
Invitation cards, Birthday cards, Thank You cards, all kinds of cards!
Banners, tags, cupcake toppers, embroidery patterns, jewelry.
Your own handcrafted items (small sales only).


What you will get:

Clip art size: vertical or horizontal 6"
File format: high resolution 300dpi DIGITAL png files with transparent middles.
Total of 9 individual files.

(Fonts not included!)



THIS PERSONAL USE AND LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE entitles you to use my designs to personally create a small quantity of craft work, such as birthday invitations, cards, labels, swing tags, etc. You may not in any way or form, share or resell my images either individually, as a set, as a printed sheet of images or use for mass production. You are prohibited to sell my designs as a digital download file, or claim and distribute this artwork piece as your own work.

Please contact May for extended commercial license fee for any of the usage as per below.

  •     Fabric Print Design
  •     Business and Commercial Websites
  •     Business and Commercial Printing including logo, company letterheads or stationery of any kind
  •     Reproduced and sold in custom product shops such as Zazzle
  •     Any other usage.

All images ©2014 May PL Digital Art.

Store Policies

Welcome to May PL Digital Art. May has been in the graphic design industry for many years and has also won the Silver Award with the Australian Packaging Awards in the year 2000.


All my products in this shop are digital products. You can download after the purchase or returning to my store meylah.com/maypldigitalart and logging in with your credentials. Once logged in, you will see a page with links to your purchases. If you want to download it again, please click on the "Download" button of each of the product you have purchased.

After purchase, you would have received a confirmation email from Meylah confirming the purchase and instructions on how you can retrieve the digital file again if you need to.


Due to the nature of this product, no refund is offered.


I accept payment via PayPal. PayPal accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER and PayPal.


FAQs (A work in progress)

1. Which program do I use to place your clip art into to create my design?
Most customers use MS Word to lay out their design. All you have to do is insert any one of my clip art on to the page. Do not open the clip art. This will not work. Please follow the steps below :
STEP 1. Open MS Word
STEP 2. Go to Insert > Picture > Select your file.

2. How do I place my text inside the digital frame in MS Word?
Please follow the steps below:
STEP 1. Open MS Word
STEP 2. Go to Insert > Picture > Select your file.
STEP 3. Go to Picture Tool > Wrap Text > Behind Text. (You should be able to move your image anywhere on your page.)
STEP 4. Type your text above your image.

3. How do I change the color of your clip art?
I suggest you use the black versions of the clip art. You will need a program called Photoshop. If you do not have one, please go to the link below for a free trial version download.
Changing the color really is quite easy.
A. Go to Image > Adjustments > Selective Color
B. In the Color Drop Down Box, select Black.
C. Move the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Sliders to get the color you are after.

4. Can I use these files in Illustrator?
Yes, no problems at all. These are png, sometimes jpeg, files. Please be aware that you can place them into the program and lay out your design there but you will not be able edit them in Illustrator.

5. Am I able to edit the clip art by deleting elements that I do not need?
Yes, you can. You will be able to edit your files in Photoshop, or a similar digital image editing program.

6. Are you able to supply the artwork as vector files?
I am able to provide majority of the clip art sets as vector files. Please contact me to discuss.

7. Can the artwork be enlarged?
Only up to 115%. I do not recommend any higher as the image may start to lose resolution!

8. Do you do custom work?
Yes I do. Please contact me to discuss your design needs and to confirm my availability.

9. My computer has crashed and I have lost all the digital files I have purchased from you! Can you please resupply?
You have access to the digital files you have purchased by logging into your Meylah account, go to the Purchases page and click on the 'Download' button to access your files!

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