Meylah's social commerce platform enables independent and small businesses with a social storefront to sell their products and services in multiple community powered marketplaces.

Meylah also enables communities to create their own destination commerce portal to connect buyers and sellers easily!

Learn more about visit Meylah at http://meylah.com or contact us at meylah@meylah.com

Occasionally, our blog posts contain affiliate links based on affiliate relationships with our partners.


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At Meylah, our goal is to help independent sellers succeed in building their businesses online.  We know it can be tough, but with our online storefronts, marketplace, entrepreneurial advice and social networking know-how, you’ll be one step closer to success. We know how hard and time consuming being an entrepreneur can be, but with the proper skills at hand, we believe anyone can succeed!


From Mary Westheimer

“There's the art of business, and then there's the business of art. The two intersect at the site Meylah, where creative people of all types can learn how to make their businesses more successful. In companies fueled by creativity - publishing, music, art - this is a particular challenge. When should you be creative, and when should you be businesslike? While the times overlap and blur, Meylah - the name of which comes from a Sanskrit word for "gather" - is committed to helping such businesses online. In a variety of articles and interviews, there's entrepreneurial advice and social networking know-how, such as how to write product descriptions and iPhone apps for creatives. The whole site is a classy lesson in professionalism. Now that's an art in itself!”

From Rachael Mitchell of Happy Hollis Design

“Meylah fits all the criteria I was looking for in a online storefront.  I can update, enhance, change and explain my products so easily. It looks professional yet friendly, organized yet personal. I'm confident that my customers will have an enhanced experience shopping my store not only because it's straightforward, but because my product is complemented by a blog. I'm extremely pleased with Meylah, and will be their loyal customer forever!”

From A'Ne Na Jewelry

Grow with Meylah: its the best software for small business owners to grow their businesses.

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