Online Shopping Tips : How To See Your Online Store from a Customer's Perspective


Online Shopping Tips : How To See Your Online Store from a Customer's Perspective


Online Shopping Tips : How To See Your Online Store from a Customer's Perspective by Meylah Team


We are about to enter the busiest holiday season, a very critical time of the year for retail, online and small business owners. Whether you have a Meylah store, a website or both, making sure that your online store is representing your business appropriately is key!

During this season, it is time for small business owners to make sure that they not only have the products that people want, enough merchandise to fill an increased number of orders, but they also need to make sure that what a customer sees when they visit them online is inviting, informative and will keep customers shopping with them beyond the holiday season.

If you have a Meylah store, it is important that you take some time to really look at your store from a customer's point of view.

If you were visiting your store for the first time, would you want to shop there...really?

If so great but if not, why not? A good way to figure this out is through an exercise. Here are 4 tips to prepare your store:

  1. Take about an hour and visit some of the online stores in the Meylah marketplace.

  2. Select a few that you like the look of and take note of what you like about those stores. Then go back and look at your store and see where you can make improvements.

  3. If you feel like you cannot be that objective about your own store, ask a friend or family member who will be honest with you and have them look at your store in its entirety.

  4. Ask them to go all the way through the purchase of an item and critique what their experience was.

  5. If you want to same money and time, invest in expert critique for your online business. 

At Meylah, here are the top eight things that we know from our research that customers want to experience when visiting a store:

  1. They want a store to appear fresh and up to date with new products and new posts.

  2. They want to know what they are buying - what is the product and what are the product specifics?

  3. More than the product descriptions customers are attracted to top notch photos - so they don't want fuzzy, grainy, out of focus or boring photographs of your products.

  4. They want to feel that they are buying from a real business - so they look for a variety of products which tells them that this is more than just someone's hobby.

  5. They want to know if their order is secure - not only will their payment be secure but can they return an item if they are not happy with it?

  6. They want to know if there is customer service assistance with your store - so they look for contact information.

  7. They want to know if you have a following - so they look to see what type of social media activity you have going on.

  8. They want to know what other people's experiences have been with a store and since many websites allow people to post reviews of their products people will look for customer testimonials.

Remember, there are a few basic things that you can do to get your Meylah store up in less than an hour: create a banner, post a few products (pictures, prices and descriptions), post a bio, link your Paypal account, list your contact info and post store policies however, if you just do those things without going deeper and thinking about how to make a customer's experience on your store the best that it can be, you will be limiting your earning potential.

This could quite possibly turn away many customers permanently who you will never give your store a second chance. So whether you are setting up your store for the first time, getting it ready for the holidays or doing a periodic quality check (this should be done at least on a monthly basis), always making sure to take a few minutes to see your store through the eyes of your customers. It is invaluable!

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At Meylah, our goal is to help independent sellers succeed in building their businesses online.  We know it can be tough, but with our online storefronts, marketplace, entrepreneurial advice and social networking know-how, you’ll be one step closer to success. We know how hard and time consuming being an entrepreneur can be, but with the proper skills at hand, we believe anyone can succeed!

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