Boo Y'all Halloween Chicken Scratch Gingham Embroidery Pattern and Tutorial


Boo Y'all Halloween Chicken Scratch Gingham Embroidery Pattern and Tutorial


Learn a BOOtiful new embroidery technique!


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This particular pattern I've designed uses a lesser known form of embroidery, the chicken scratch technique. Chicken scratch or gingham embroidery is a fairly quick embroidery technique using the squares of gingham fabric as your grid. The origins of this form of embroidery are not well documented but many sources attribute it to the 1930's and call it "Depression Lace" as it has an applique look.

The pattern forms a bat and lettering spelling "Boo Y'all" - giving the work a fun and nostalgic, primitive look. The bat can be created separately from the wording to display alone in a hoop or embellish clothing and home goods. In addition to the pattern you will find four total pages that include instruction on each stitch, a supply list with sources and lots of helpful hints including color photographs of the finish work. Utilizing the information provided with the pattern, you'll quickly grasp the basic stitches of gingham embroidery and have this pattern completed in no time.

Whether this is your first time embroidering or you're an experienced stitcher looking for something new to learn, this will not disappoint you!

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5.0 out of 5 stars
I'm batty about this design

Awesome value and it looks really great stitched up!

Published Jun 26 2015 by

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