We Have A Plan To Help You Sell Your Products

Thank You for considering Meylah services. Meylah offers three distinct solutions. Mobile Ready Storefronts, Commerce Portals/Marketplace, Digital Ready Assessment

Mobile Ready Storefront

Plan Free Basic Premium
# of Product Listings* 100 100 1000
Listing/Relisting fees None None None
Sell Products Yes Yes Yes
Sell Digital Goods Yes Yes Yes
Sell Vouchers/Gift Cards Yes Yes Yes
Sell in Multiple Marketplaces Yes Yes Yes
Share Coupons Yes ($2/mo.) Yes ($2/mo.) Yes ($2/mo.)
ACCELERATE: Digital Commerce 4week bootcamp priority + $750 resources No No Yes
1Click Onboarding to Multiple Marketplaces No No Yes
Online Storage* 1 GB 1 GB 10 GB
Transaction Fees 2.75% 2.75% 2.75%
Ad-Supported Yes No Ads No Ads
Custom Domain No No Yes
Subscription Per Month




Other features include: Profile page, Blog, PayPal integration, shipping calculators, inventory controls, up to 10 images/product, Custom categories, No Ads, SEO optimized, Custom branding, discount codes and many more…

* Limit is based on products listed or space used, whichever comes first

Native Marketplace

Features Include:
Custom domain, Curated, Custom categories, Your Brand, Custom Rules, Define your transaction fees, Universal discount codes, Analytics, Email list generation, Additional landing pages, Universal cart, custom advertising options and much much more..
For more information or consultation contact us at meylah@meylah.com or request a demo at https://meylah.com/request-demo

Digital Analyzer

If you are a business and want to take your FREE assessment, visit www.6dotanalyzer.com and receive your digital ready assessment.

If you are an organization who would like to use the digital analyzer tool to support your business in the your community and create a strategic business offerings, contact us for a license to create your branded assessment tool.

For more information, demo and consultation, contact us at meylah@meylah.com


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