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Leverage your brand and monetize your audience

Discover how easily you can bring value and new revenue to your businesses and advertisers. It’s your brand, your audience, and your new commerce portal. Meylah helps you grow business reach & revenue with a Turnkey Native Marketplace.

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Formulating A Native Marketplace Journey

With a Native Marketplace, you can engage more meaningfully with your partners, advertisers, readers and customers

Formulating Smart Retail Case

With a multi-pronged assessment in hand, we facilitate roundtables with stakeholders and build the case for change.

Building The Strategy

Your audience, your aspirations, and your vision are one-of-a-kind so doesn't it make sense that your ecommerce approach is also one-of-a-kind?

Smart Retail Solution Configuration

It's time to build your branded marketplace and populate it with a curated list of merchants and advertisers.

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Native Marketplace Solutions Features

It's Your Brand

Customize the look of your marketplace Personalize your marketplace with custom categories Integrate with your custom domain.

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Curated and Automated

Invite your advertisers and merchants Curate products and services Automated product aggregation from multiple stores.

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Built In Marketing

Customize landing pages Built in social media engagement Customer email list.

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Universal Cart

Consistent shopping experience Easy shopping with multiple merchants Universal customer account.

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Built in Analytics

Integrate with Google analytics Track customer orders Track visits and clicks.

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Multiple Streams of Revenue

Transactions Advertisements Brand Placement & Memberships.

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